Humanitarian workers targets of terrorism in Syria and Yemen

A Red Crescent member helps a baby in Syria. (© AP Images)

Terrorists including Daesh continue to attack relief workers dedicated to helping others.

Marie Harf, speaking for the State Department April 6, condemned the recent murders of relief workers in Syria and Yemen.

“In Syria, these aid workers were retrieving bodies of the deceased and preparing shelters for people fleeing the fighting in the city, while in Yemen they were killed by sniper fire while attempting to evacuate the wounded,” Harf said of the April 3 killings. “In each case, personnel were identified by the Red Cross or Red Crescent emblem.”

Daesh terrorists and other armed groups regularly target humanitarian workers in Syria and other countries.

Red Crescent members help evacuate an injured man to a bus in Syria. (© AP Images)

“Impartial and neutral humanitarian organizations must be allowed to continue their critical work saving lives free from threats from armed groups,” Harf said. “The United States maintains an ironclad commitment to assisting those impacted by the conflicts in Syria, in Yemen, and around the world.”

According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, 50 Red Crescent and Red Cross workers have been killed in Syria since the start of the conflict in 2011. Daesh has murdered a number of humanitarian workers in Syria, including American aid worker Kayla Mueller, who died while in captivity.

The United States and 60 other countries are part of a global coalition dedicated to defeating Daesh terrorists.