Deb Haaland smiling (Robert F. Bukaty/AP Images)

America’s first Native American Cabinet secretary

November is Native American Heritage Month. Meet a history-making member of the Pueblo of Laguna who oversees a federal department.
Soldiers standing in line with their belongings, including guitar, on tarmac near airplane (© AP Images)

Music keeps U.S. troops in formation, boosts morale

U.S. troops stay in step on marches by singing cadence calls about military life. Learn more about them and other military music traditions.
Man using microscope (Courtesy of the New York Public Library)

The African American psychiatrist who made landmark Alzheimer’s discoveries

Learn about the contributions of Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller, the first African American psychiatrist in the United States.
Blue sky seen through rock formations with river and small trees (© Kojihirano/Shutterstock)

Biden restores original protections to 3 national monuments

President Biden recently restored original protections to three national monuments in the United States. Learn more about each here.
Inside view of baseball stadium with players on field and colorful late evening sky (© Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

American baseball steps up to the plate on climate

Across the United States, baseball players are leading conservation efforts to address the climate crisis. Learn about their programs here.
Desert landscape painting (Courtesy of Kay WalkingStick)

Bringing Native American themes to landscape painting

Learn how Kay WalkingStick's Native American heritage has shaped her artwork, and how her landscape paintings honor the first Americans.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaking on the podium at the Foreign Service Institute (© Leah Millis/AP Images)

Blinken unveils ‘historic’ changes for State Department

A new era of global affairs requires nations to address climate change, global health and technology. See what the State Department is doing.
People lining up to enter building with 'USA' sign and U.S. flags (© Su Xiaopo/Xinhua/Getty Images)

U.S. showcases culture, education and innovation at Dubai World Expo

The United States is showcasing its cultural, technological and educational innovation at the Dubai World Expo this year. Learn more.
Row of various red, white and blue “Vote” pins (© Leigh Prather/Shutterstock)

What are ‘off-year’ elections and why do they matter in 2021?

Some U.S. voters will go to the polls this November. Find out where and what kind of races and questions are the on ballots.