Hand holding mobile phone showing map (Shutterstock)

The woman behind your GPS

Meet Gladys West, whose mathematical calculations changed the world. Now 87, West looks back on her role as a pivotal player in the development of GPS technology.

Can you believe he said that?

General election debates attract more viewers, but the debates during the primary season are much more likely to influence how Americans vote.
Children jumping up and down in a line (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office)

Shoes that grow and other innovations

Innovators in medicine, agriculture and sanitation are among the recipients of the 2018 Patents for Humanity Award, presented by the U.S. government.
Muslims Against Hunger serving food outside from large vats (Courtesy of Muslims Against Hunger)

This Muslim-American group brings the soup kitchen to the hungry

Zamir Hassan knows where homeless people congregate — around train stations, under bridges and in tents set up in the woods. “Not everyone is able...

Five sites Chinese visitors to the U.S. won’t want to miss

In recent years, the Chinese have been among the fastest-growing groups of international tourists visiting the United States. And now extended visas for short-term...

Gender equality: Picture it!

A U.N.-sponsored drawing contest called "Gender Equality: Picture It!" highlighted the U.N.’s Beijing Platform for Action and featured comics and cartoons.

Explore a U.S. park from anywhere on Earth [video]

Celebrate National Park Week, which ends April 29, with a digital 3-D tour of America’s famous landmarks.
Harbor at dusk with glowing city lights around it (visitmaryland.com)

Maryland: Wild horses, blue crabs and the national anthem

There's plenty to see and do in Maryland. Whether it's a natural, historical or urban setting, you'll find plenty to do here.
Balloons falling from ceiling onto convention-goers (Shutterstock)

Thousands of delegates. Even more balloons.

Until a clear winner emerges in the presidential primaries, there will be speculation about "contested" conventions. Are we likely to see one this year?