American film landmarks stretch coast to coast. Which can you recognize?

From the iconic Hollywood sign to the Empire State Building (above), America sometimes seems like one giant movie set. Here are four iconic film...
Man standing in ornate doorway facing crowd (© Doug Mills/Getty Images)

2017’s memorable moments

Americans witnessed the spectacles of a presidential inauguration and a solar eclipse. See photos from some of the memorable events of the last year.

What does Islam mean to this Palestinian American? [video]

Islam is part of the U.S. historical fabric. A Palestinian American explains what Islam means to her in this video.
Four football players holding hands on the field, facing fans seated on bleachers (© Tim Richardson)

Football: A fall tradition in schools across America

The football season is the best one for many Americans. This is the second article on the role of secondary schools in U.S. communities.
Doorway with trees and flags leading to a Christmas tree ((© Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Decking the White House halls

The White House's holiday decorations conjure up a winter fantasy each year. See how the magic happens with trees, ornaments and more.
Blurred man walking past a row of voting booths (© AP Images)

Voter fraud? Not in the U.S. Here’s why.

Just how rare is voting fraud or election rigging? In the U.S., rigging an election is extremely unlikely. Find out how elections are kept transparent.
Michelle and Barack Obama waving from airplane door (© AP Images)

What’s next for the Obamas?

After presidents complete their term in office, they usually return to their hometown. Not the Obamas. See what's likely in store for this power couple.
Man throwing a javelin (© AP Images)

Ghanaians’ Olympic dreams realized through U.S. studies, training

The right coaching could help an athlete become an Olympian. For two Ghanaians, their training at Middle Tennessee made their dreams a reality.
Illustration showing multicolored talk bubbles above a map of the USA (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

The United States is a country of many languages

Many people in the United States speak languages other than English at home. Check out maps of which languages are most popular.