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Obama’s Supreme Court nominee: Who is he, and what happens next?

President Obama has proposed a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February. Who is he, and what happens next?

Iowa: Presidential caucuses, state fair, American Gothic and flea-market heaven

Iowa, an agricultural state in the Midwest, attracts worldwide attention every four years by hosting the first contest of the presidential election season.

Nebraska: Migratory birds, ancient fossils and Carhenge

In the midwestern state of Nebraska, you can find man-made and natural wonders, from Omaha's zoo and Carhenge to the annual crane migration.
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Clinton on Trump: ‘We owe him an open mind and the...

Election night belonged to Donald Trump, but Americans also eagerly waited to hear from his challenger, Hillary Clinton.
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The National Mall: Coming together in America’s backyard

Located right in the heart of Washington, the National Mall hosts almost 3,000 events every year, from political protests to kite festivals.
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Vocal groups unite for King Day [video]

Both bands are all-male, sing without any musical instruments and have followers around the world. One group is Jewish and the other African American.
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The White House: Home to some memorable pets [video]

Pets have always played a role in the White House. Learn more about the cats, dogs — and bears, badgers and hippos — at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
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Actor Faran Tahir, fighting Muslim stereotypes, looks for the humanity in...

Faran Tahir, who is Muslim, has earned a reputation for pushing back against negative stereotypes.
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How quickly do presidents make key appointments?

President-elect Donald Trump faces many decisions, but few are so daunting as selecting the men and women who will fill his administration.