Man looking at computer monitor next to pictures of religious leaders on wall (State Dept.)video

Chaplains help those with and without faith at U.S. campuses [video]

Many U.S. universities have chaplains who engage students in dialogues, organize service projects and help out in times of personal crisis.
Group of men in suits walking down city street (Dani Diamond)

Make way for the Maccabeats [video]

May is Jewish American Heritage Month in the United States. Meet an a cappella group that combines pop songs with Jewish traditions.
Donald Trump and Jared Kushner (© AP Images)

Trump initiative to bring business ideas to government

The newly created White House Office of American Innovation will seek to overhaul government functions by using ideas from the business sector.
Dragon puppet on street (© AP Images)

The Year of the Rooster: How are Americans celebrating?

People across the United States and around the world will come together to celebrate the Lunar New Year, one of many winter holidays celebrated in America.
Dorothy Height next to her portrait (© AP Images)

Postage stamp honors ‘godmother of civil rights’

The U.S. Postal Service honors Dorothy Height with a stamp. Her work on behalf of African Americans and women spanned seven decades.
People in uniform saluting (DOD)

A trailblazing Navy admiral took heart from American pioneer women

“Trailblazing is not for wimps or the faint of heart,” says U.S. Navy Admiral Michelle Howard, the commander of NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command.

Honoring those who give…on this day

In 347 B.C.E., Plato left his farm to a relative, directing that the proceeds be used to support students and teachers at an academy...

“It’s about how you communicate your message.”

By telling their story through social media, nonprofits have seen greater impact in awareness for their causes, and in turn, more donations.
Close-up of Matthew Henson in fur coat and hood (Library of Congress)

Who is this pioneering Arctic explorer?

One of the first people to stand on top of the world "challenged the world's perceptions of what people of color were capable of achieving."