President Obama climbing aircraft stairs (© AP Images)

Our favorite Obama travel photos

View some of President Obama's travels to other countries. He met dignitaries and people in all walks of life and saw treasured spots.
Illustration of caped woman saluting (Courtesy of AfterShock Comics)

With transgender heroine, a comic book breaks new ground

Chalice is the new transgender comic book character in AfterShock's Alters series. See what the creators have to say about her and their other superheroes.

Words of wisdom from America’s original self-made man

Benjamin Franklin was the quintessential self-made man. Born on January 17, 1706, into a modest family, he received only a few years of education....
Woman in headdress and embroidered blouse placing candles in a candelabra (© AP Images)

Americans celebrate their African heritage during Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa is a seven-day event in the U.S. based on African festivals and celebrated through music and dance from December 26 through January 1.

Photo contest shares the American experience

Preservation of natural treasures in U.S. national parks has been called the nation’s best idea. Winning images in a 2014 photo contest offer proof.
Three musicians playing instruments in studio (Courtesy of Dosti Music Project)

Across tense borders, 10 musicians explore a new sound [video]

Ten musicians were selected to participate in the Dosti Music Project, which unites artists and sounds from India, Pakistan and the U.S.

The best White House photos of 2015

White House photographers captured many highlights of the first family's trips and events during 2015.
Bob Hoover waving at cameras (© AP Images)

Gagarin helped this daredevil pilot achieve his greatest stunt: an escape...

Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin's intervention kept daredevil pilot Bob Hoover out of the clutches of Soviet authorities after an airshow stunt over Moscow.

What is a U.S. college like for a student with a...

Learn what the U.S. college experience is like from a person with disabilities. Join the discussion with leaders and advocacy groups on Nov. 19.