A year’s behind-the-scenes photos from the White House

In keeping with a six-year tradition, the White House is showcasing the recent year's images taken by official photographer Pete Souza and his staff. 2014:...
Rock formations in sunset (© Danita Delimont/Alamy Stock Photo)

North Dakota: Badlands, American Indian culture and Scandinavian influences

North Dakota is known for its scenic Badlands (barren, rocky formations), farms, ranches and history of Plains Indian life.
Night view of 9/11 Memorial in New Yorkvideo

9/11 memorials pay tribute to victims’ sacrifice [video]

Check out this 360-degree video that lets you experience the three memorials built in the U.S. after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei at microphonevideo

Learn the truth about Iranian disinformation [video]

Learn the truth surrounding the Iranian regime's latest disinformation campaign. The United States is setting the record straight.
People distributing toys (Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor/Getty)

How American Muslims give back during Ramadan

Muslims typically make a special effort to increase their charitable activities throughout Ramadan. Learn about what some American Muslims are doing.
Men and cars in front of yellow church (© AP Images)

Donald Trump’s first stop on Inauguration Day will be the ‘Church...

Separation of church and state doesn’t preclude national leaders' praying in public. Learn about the building nicknamed the "Church of the Presidents."
Lone bison standing in grassy field (U.S. Department of Agriculture)

The bison may soon join the bald eagle as an official...

Bison that once thundered through the Great Plains faced extinction. Now the population has risen, and the animal is expected to become a national symbol.
Five babies in diapers sitting in row (Shutterstock)

What’s in a surname? A clue to U.S. diversity.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau's latest data, surnames from around the world are becoming more prevalent in the list of popular surnames in the U.S.
President Obama delivering speech to Congress (© AP Images)

Not so fast, Mr. President

On the campaign trail, candidates promise to make major policy changes. But once elected, they may find it isn't so easy to implement them.