Pen resting on visa application paperwork (Thinkstock)

How to be ready for your tourist visa interview

Planning to travel to the U.S.? Be ready for your tourist visa interview with these simple steps.
One man singing, another playing guitar (© AP Images)

Rock’s Hall of Fame picks its 2017 inductees [video]

Joan Baez, Tupac Shakur, Pearl Jam, Journey, Yes and Electric Light Orchestra will be the latest artists to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
View of mosque from above (Courtesy of Diyanet Center of America)

Mosques in urban and rural America

A desert in New Mexico, a cornfield in Ohio and a street in New York City have one thing in common: mosques. American Muslims worship here.
Men standing and sitting in a conference room (© AP Images)

Learn about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Learn more about Rex Tillerson, the 69th secretary of state — where he grew up, and how he started at the bottom of an oil company and rose to the top.
First lady Michelle Obama clapping (© AP Images)

5 little-known facts about first lady Michelle Obama

She's more than just President Obama's wife and Sasha and Malia's mom. These little-known facts about first lady Michelle Obama may surprise you.
Girls dressed in traditional Roma outfits (© AP Images)

For the Romani people, survival is a matter of tradition

April 8 is International Romani Day. This persecuted minority has a rich culture it has shared with the world for nearly 2000 years.
Hand drawing people seated at a meeting table with U.S. flag in background (State Dept.)

President Trump’s Cabinet explained [video/infographic]

President Trump’s Cabinet is nearly in place. Who are the men and women who make up this important group, and what do they do?
Snowy scene of a river and trees (NPS/Gordon Dietzman)

Visiting sacred Native American grounds at U.S. national parks

Adventurer Mikah Meyer has visited many U.S. national parks and been struck by the extent to which Native American history is part of so many.
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Thinkstock)

Immigrant bodybuilder turned actor becomes California governor…on this day

Of the many immigrants who reinvented themselves in the United States, few can boast of a more complete transformation than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Born in...