Illustration of politician riding on long coattails of another (State Dept./D. Thompson)

What do coattails have to do with U.S. elections?

Phrases such as "coattails," "lame duck" and "flipping Congress" are often heard during election years. What do they mean?

Nevada: Neon lights, nature, cowboy poetry and casinos

Nevada is well-known for Las Vegas, but did you know it's also home to a flourishing cowboy culture and parks filled with gorgeous stone formations?
Man standing in front of house holding mask (© Kathy Tsai)

Meet the U.S. scientist who invented the N95 mask filter

Peter Tsai created the material for N95 masks in the early 1990s. Never did he expect his invention would save millions of lives during a pandemic.
Early voting in Georgia (© AP Images)

U.S. elections: The world watches

During elections, people from around the world observe and volunteer at polling places to ensure every voter's ballot is counted as it was intended.
Illuminated bridge over reflective water against a skyline (© Joe Mamer Photography/Alamy Stock Photo)

Visit Minnesota, a heartland state with an international vibe

Minnesota, a Midwestern state known for its hospitality, is full of lakes. It's also cosmopolitan and multicultural, embracing many ethnicities.

Idaho: Sun Valley, rodeos, wildlife, lava cones and fossils

Visiting the United States? There are 50 states in all. If you’re coming to Idaho, you’ll find breathtaking mountains, lakes and canyons, and more.
Man and woman sitting on couch with Ramadan decorations (Courtesy of Salman Azam)

Muslim Americans observe Ramadan at home

The new coronavirus pandemic has caused American Muslims to keep their traditional Ramadan observances close to home. See how they are coping.

Here’s how boxing and the arts make the world smarter and...

Getting kids involved in sports, art and music not only increases their academic success, it reduces crime. These success stories come from the U.S. and...
Students taking selfie outside White House (© AP Images)

Young poets honored at the White House

President and Mrs. Obama have created a program to honor student poets from across the United States. Five young poets met the Obamas at the White House.