Man putting on water polo head gear (© AP Images)

Water polo captain Tony Azevedo dives back in for 5th Olympics

Team USA's water polo captain, Tony Azevedo, born in Rio de Janeiro, will be at home for the 2016 Olympics as he competes in the water polo competitions.
Russian pirozhki on the wooden plate (Shutterstock/Alieva Liubov)

Russian pirozhki, served West Coast style [video]

Igor Avramenko's food truck in Los Angeles combines its owner's two passions: Russian food and American culture.
Woman dressed in witch costume sticking her tongue out (© AP Images)

Boo! Halloween celebrations in pictures

Halloween, celebrated on October 31, has its roots in Celtic culture, but did you know it's celebrated around the world? Check out these photos to see more!
Ellen DeGeneres standing next to President Obama at podium and another man holding medal (© AP Images)

‘Today we celebrate extraordinary Americans’

Athletes, artists and scientists were among the 21 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian honor, November 22.
Uniformed musicians on stage (U.S. Navy via YouTube)video

U.S. Navy Band’s rendition of Arabic song goes viral [video]

Millions of people online have tuned in to watch and hear the U.S. Navy Band sing a popular Egyptian song.
Cartoon image of Santa riding in sleigh with reindeer in front of moon (Shutterstock)

Where’s Santa right now? The answer is just a click or...

Kids interested in knowing where Santa is on Christmas Eve can call NORAD or visit websites to get the latest Santa tracking info.
Man standing and folding arms across chest (© Rob Liguori)

A new émigré Russian writer makes waves in the U.S.

Boris Fishman is considered one of the great authors of our time. Here, he discusses his cultural influences and love of the English language.
Family eating at table (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

Uighurs in America celebrate Ramadan

In America, Uighur Muslims celebrate Ramadan and observe Islamic traditions. However, in Xinjiang, China, these practices are illegal.
Man riding bicycle in front of school (© Michael Fein/Bloomberg/Getty Images)

Some U.S. schools have religious roots [photo gallery]

The new book "Faith+ Freedom: Religion in the USA" shows how Americans worship, work and live together. Download the free PDF to learn more.