Man looking at computer monitor next to pictures of religious leaders on wall (State Dept.)video

Chaplains help those with and without faith at U.S. campuses [video]

Many U.S. universities have chaplains who engage students in dialogues, organize service projects and help out in times of personal crisis.
Melania Trump surrounded by people (© AP Images)

5 little-known facts about Melania Trump

First lady Melania Trump, a former international model, speaks several languages and is involved in various causes. Learn new facts about her.
Formal garden with fountain and covered patio (Courtesy of Missouri Botanical Garden)

Ottoman garden traditions are alive in St. Louis

The Bakewell Ottoman Garden, part of the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, recreates the great gardening traditions of the Ottoman Empire.
Man in white tux holding trophy (© AP Images)

Meet some noteworthy Arab Americans

Arab Americans constitute about 1 percent of the U.S. population, but they've made important contributions to science, the arts and many other disciplines.
Young man seated on bench, with dog (Courtesy of University of South Carolina)

Advice from autistic Rhodes Scholar [video]

Newly selected Rhodes Scholar Jory Fleming is the most honored student in the University of South Carolina’s 215-year history. He is also autistic.
Group of brightly dressed people marching away from camera (© Judy Blankenship/Archivo Cultural de Cañar )

Keeping alive the culture of Ecuador’s indigenous Cañari [video]

The indigenous Cañari of Ecuador are determined to preserve their way of life. Fulbright scholars are helping the Cañari keep their traditions alive.
Elbert Ransom Jr. smiling (State Dept./D. A. Peterson)

Elbert Ransom reminisces about King

Elbert Ransom has advocated for civil rights since he was 17, the age at which he met a 24-year-old Martin Luther King Jr. in Montgomery, Alabama.
Koichi Wakata (right) helping Jeanette Epps fasten something on space suit (NASA)

Meet the 1st African-American crew member on the space station

When she blasts off in May 2018, Jeanette Epps will make history as the first African-American crew member on the International Space Station.
Woman sitting at table with people sitting behind her (© Griff Davis)

Griff Davis: A life in photography and diplomacy

Griff Davis was a photographer, journalist and diplomat when both African countries and African Americans were struggling toward greater freedom.