Girls in hijabs holding paper crescents and stars (© AP Images)

Obama on Ramadan: A time for unity

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama extend their best wishes to Muslims across the United States and around the world upon the start of Ramadan.
Istanbul skyline (© AP Images)

Turkish literature class brings history to light

“Through literature you really can get a window into the soul of a society,” says Heba El-Shazli, who teaches literature courses at a Washington bookstore.
Pictures and candles for a Day of the Dead display (U.S. Embassy Mexico City)

Honoring local holidays is a U.S. diplomatic tradition

U.S. Embassy staff members around the world often join in celebrating local holidays in their host countries, honoring all religions.
Illustration of caped woman saluting (Courtesy of AfterShock Comics)

With transgender heroine, a comic book breaks new ground

Chalice is the new transgender comic book character in AfterShock's Alters series. See what the creators have to say about her and their other superheroes.
Woman blocking sport utility vehicle while its passengers point guns at her (Cohen Media Group)

Oscar shortlist picks best films from 83 countries

More movies made outside the U.S. are available to American viewers than ever before. Popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus give unprecedented...
Three musicians playing instruments in studio (Courtesy of Dosti Music Project)

Across tense borders, 10 musicians explore a new sound [video]

Ten musicians were selected to participate in the Dosti Music Project, which unites artists and sounds from India, Pakistan and the U.S.
Band marching in parade (© Getty Images/Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

Marching to the beat of Martin Luther King [video]

For the young members of the Ballou High School marching band in Washington, the parade honoring Martin Luther King Jr. has special meaning.

American arts rich with Hispanic heritage

These eight great artists have drawn on their Latin American roots as well as American experiences to shape the artistic landscape.
Astronaut and lunar module on the moon (NASA)

From NASA to Star Trek: One scientist’s space odyssey

Egyptian-American geologist Farouk El-Baz has had a diverse career, from serving as a science adviser to Anwar Sadat to training U.S. astronauts.