Man in hardhat standing in a manufacturing building (Courtesy of Trevor Hutchinson)

Watershed disabilities law strengthens U.S. firms

Read on to learn how the Americans with Disabilities Act empowered Trevor Hutchinson to request accommodations that boosted his work performance.
Man sitting near white-robed people with upraised hands

Celebrating Religious Freedom Day in the U.S. [video]

January 16 is National Religious Freedom Day in the U.S. Religious freedom is a central U.S. value. Learn how the U.S. promotes it worldwide.
Aerial view of circular memorial on tree-filled campus with mountains in background (© Sanjay Michael Suchak/UVA Today)

Remembering enslaved people who built a university

Without labor from more than 4,000 enslaved people, the University of Virginia would not exist. Learn what the school has done to honor them.
Simone Manuel in pool (© AP Images)

In record swim, Simone Manuel makes history

She wasn't expected to win. But American swimmer Simone Manuel's victory will ripple far beyond lane three in Rio de Janeiro.
Jordan's King Abdullah speaking at a lectern (© Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

Jordan’s King Abdullah II honored as champion of religious harmony

The newest recipient of the Templeton Prize — for affirming life's spiritual side — is Jordan's King Abdullah II, for promoting interfaith harmony.
Murals on embassy walls (State Dept.)

U.S. Embassy in Beijing offers ‘Art for the People’

“Art for the People,” a new exhibition on the exterior walls of the U.S. Embassy in China, showcases freedom of expression through American street art.

President Obama’s message on Hajj and Eid al-Adha

As Muslims from around the world mark the end of their holy pilgrimage of Hajj, Michelle and I extend our warmest wishes to Muslims celebrating Eid al-Adha.

Hiring workers with disabilities: A good investment [video]

People with disabilities are protected by U.S. law and are an invaluable asset in the workplace.
Actors in costume standing line and holding hands (© AP Images)

This hip-hop, multiracial musical is smashing records and revolutionizing American views

The rap and hip-hop Broadway musical "Hamilton," about the life and death of Alexander Hamilton, first U.S. treasury secretary, won 11 Tony Awards.