NAACP: ‘All’ means everybody

Since its founding in 1909, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has been a leading advocate for African Americans. Its...
Muslims and non-Muslims sharing meal (Courtesy of MAS Minnesota)

In Minnesota, non-Muslims visit mosques during Ramadan

A Minnesota program promotes the state's neighborly spirit by arranging for hundreds of non-Muslims to visit mosques during Ramadan.
Muslim woman in yoga pose (© AP Images)

Staying fit while fasting for Ramadan? A Muslim trainer says you...

On Mubarakah Ibrahim's “Fit Muslimah” page on Facebook, Ibrahim gives nutritional advice for Ramadan throughout the holy month.
Woman wearing colorful Korean clothing (Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C.)

All things Korean enthrall Washingtonians

Washington is home to scores of Korean barbecue restaurants, K-pop performances and other cultural events.
Family sitting at table eating (© AP Images)

President Trump’s Ramadan message

President Donald J. Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson offer their best wishes to Muslims around the world upon the start of Ramadan.