Family sitting at table eating (© AP Images)

President Trump’s Ramadan message

President Donald J. Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson offer their best wishes to Muslims around the world upon the start of Ramadan.
Hands reaching for food during iftar meal for Ramadan (© Boontoom Sae-Kor/Shutterstock)

American Muslims can depend on halal food

For Ramadan, learn about two American organizations that review and certify various goods to ensure they are halal, meaning they comply with Islamic law.
Two runners standing side-by-side with arms around each other (© Getty Images/Patrick Smith)

From Kenya to U.S. Army to Olympics in Brazil

See the #RoadtoRio for these Kenyan-born runners who immigrated to the U.S., joined the Army and now are set to compete in track and field.
Man standing in tailor workshop (State Dept./C. Connell)

A master tailor’s journey from Auschwitz to the White House

At age 88, Holocaust survivor Martin Greenfield still makes handmade suits for presidents and celebrities. See what makes him truly remarkable.

If you could meet with a disabled rights activist, what would...

For many of Dr. Victor Pineda's audiences around the world, he is the first severely disabled person they've ever met. They still treat him like a rock star.

U.S. pledges to boost number of refugees resettled

Secretary of State John Kerry announces plans to resettle 85,000 refugees in the U.S. in fiscal year 2016 and 100,000 more in fiscal year 2017.
Maame Biney making sharp turn (© AP Images)

U.S. Olympian hits her stride

How did 17-year-old Maame Biney, an immigrant from Ghana, become a top U.S. speedskater? Learn the story of this 2018 Winter Olympics athlete.
Desert landscape painting (Courtesy of Kay WalkingStick)

Bringing Native American themes to landscape painting

Learn how Kay WalkingStick's Native American heritage has shaped her artwork, and how her landscape paintings honor the first Americans.
Illustration showing pronouns written on diverse group of human figures (© Shutterstock)

Why do many Americans list pronouns on social media profiles?

Read on to learn why it matters what pronouns you use to refer to people and how the United States embraces sharing pronouns.