Snowy scene of a river and trees (NPS/Gordon Dietzman)

Visiting sacred Native American grounds at U.S. national parks

Adventurer Mikah Meyer has visited many U.S. national parks and been struck by the extent to which Native American history is part of so many.
Drawing of Statue of Liberty stamping passport (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

Top 8 diversity visa questions answered

Interested in getting a diversity visa to the U.S.? Here are answers to some common questions about the 2018 lottery and diversity visas in general.
Salve Reed hugging friend (© AP Images)

Don’t be fooled by scams when applying for a U.S. diversity...

Avoid diversity visa scams by looking for .gov on sites and email, never sending money in advance, and checking online for the status of your application.
Poster drawing of Old Faithful geyser on left and photo of same geyser on right (Library of Congress and © Getty Images/National Geographic/Walter Meayers Edwards)

Vintage posters reveal America’s most beautiful places

Take a trip down memory lane ... and across the U.S.! These vintage national parks posters show America's evergreen beauty.
Corn dog stand and Ferris wheel at sunset (© AP Images)

State fairs: Livestock, music, food on a stick

Want a taste of America? Stop by a state fair! With rides, music, food and fun, state fairs are a long-standing tradition.
People walking by LinkNYC kiosk on sidewalk (Courtesy of CityBridge)

In New York, fast, free Wi-Fi is right down the block

New York City is replacing old and obsolete telephone booths with kiosks offering free, lightning-fast internet connections to anyone within 45 meters.
Man scanning his passport using a kiosk (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

Welcome to the U.S. Now wait just a minute.

Thinking about traveling to the U.S.? You used to have to worry about long customs lines at the airport. Now, kiosks help you reach your destination faster.
Classical building seen through cherry blossoms on branches (© AP Images)

Washington, D.C.: The Mall, planes and pandas

Welcome to the capital! Find annual attractions like the Independence Day fireworks show and the Cherry Blossom Festival or tour one of the many museums.
Large mechanical reaper moving through hayfield (Courtesy of Kansas Wheat)

Kansas: Sunflowers, sleek jets and civil rights

In Kansas, you'll find a homage to an American classic film, a civil rights historical site and an airplane powerhouse.