Oklahoma: American Indians, cowboys and buffalo

In Oklahoma, you can experience firsthand the life of the American cowboy and celebrate the heritage of the American Indian.
Illustration depicting same-sex marriage (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

Visas for same-sex spouses: Tearing down a barrier

“Every married couple will be treated exactly the same,” Secretary Kerry said, announcing a change to the U.S. visa process for same-sex spouses in...
Seattle's skyline (Shutterstock)

Washington: Mountains, museums and high-tech innovation

Visiting the United States? There are 50 states in all. Washington is in the Pacific Northwest and is known as the “Evergreen State,” with its lush forests.

Arizona: Native heritage, Grand Canyon and lots of sun

In Arizona, you'll find a natural world wonder and a rich cultural heritage that is evident in local food and jewelry. Come and visit!
Plane (Thinkstock)

How the new travel order works

President Trump's executive order pauses admission of foreign nationals from six countries to let the U.S. review the vetting process for visas.

Rhode Island: Sailing, mansions and good eats

Visiting the United States? There are 50 states to see. Rhode Island has quaint towns with lots to do that are close to New York and Boston. Come and enjoy!
Beakers and equations (Shutterstock)

Innovation rankings: U.S. institutions are on top

Nine of the top 10 innovative institutions are in the U.S., according to the Nature Index, which assesses research quality and influence on inventions.
Group of people waving (State Dept.)

Dream of study in U.S. comes true for Tunisians

The dream of studying in America for a year comes true for scores of Tunisian students chosen for the State Department's Thomas Jefferson Scholarships.
Cityscape at night, with a river running through the middle of downtown buildings (© Tetra Images/Alamy Stock Photo)

Wisconsin: Architecture, air shows and folk art

Wisconsin, a Midwestern state in the Great Lakes region, has a diverse landscape of forests, farms and lakefront beaches, with lots of outdoor recreation.