Destination USA: 75 million international guests visited in 2014

Did you visit the United States in 2014? If so, you helped set a new record as one of 75 million tourists who traveled to the U.S. last year.

New Jersey: Sand, sounds, sculptures and sweets

Take a tour of the U.S.! In New Jersey you can find beaches, history, art, sweet treats and more!

Rhode Island: Sailing, mansions and good eats

Visiting the United States? There are 50 states to see. Rhode Island has quaint towns with lots to do that are close to New York and Boston. Come and enjoy!
Colored map with icons showing landmarks (State Dept./Diane Woolverton)

Here’s a free poster with a map of U.S. products, places

The week of July 17 is “Made in America Week” at the White House. This free poster, available for printing, highlights U.S. products and landmarks.

Arkansas: Hot springs, elk herds and a presidential library

Arkansas' beauty can be seen in the trails, hot springs and parks. Take a look at the "Natural State."
People walking by LinkNYC kiosk on sidewalk (Courtesy of CityBridge)

In New York, fast, free Wi-Fi is right down the block

New York City is replacing old and obsolete telephone booths with kiosks offering free, lightning-fast internet connections to anyone within 45 meters.

Alaska: Auroras, glaciers and bears

The northernmost of all the states, Alaska has mountainous terrain and low temperatures that are ideal for spotting wildlife, and for winter sports.

Oklahoma: American Indians, cowboys and buffalo

In Oklahoma, you can experience firsthand the life of the American cowboy and celebrate the heritage of the American Indian.
Three photos of writers Cynthia Edul and Natasha Tiniacos (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

What’s it like to live with 28 strangers from all over...

At the 2014 Iowa International Writing Program, 29 international writers spent three months together learning about trends in literature — and each other.