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How the new travel order works

President Trump's executive order pauses admission of foreign nationals from six countries to let the U.S. review the vetting process for visas.
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Vermont: Rolling hills, ice cream and a president’s birthplace

Vermont's mountainous and forested terrain is sprinkled with colorful small towns, natural attractions and museums full of history.
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How to be ready for your tourist visa interview

Planning to travel to the U.S.? Be ready for your tourist visa interview with these simple steps.
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Visit Minnesota, a heartland state with an international vibe

Minnesota, a Midwestern state known for its hospitality, is full of lakes. It's also cosmopolitan and multicultural, embracing many ethnicities.

New York: Skyscrapers, Broadway shows, Niagara Falls and the Adirondacks

Visiting the United States? There are 50 states in all. New York is one of the top U.S. destinations for visitors.

New Jersey: Sand, sounds, sculptures and sweets

Take a tour of the U.S.! In New Jersey you can find beaches, history, art, sweet treats and more!
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Wisconsin: Architecture, air shows and folk art

Wisconsin, a Midwestern state in the Great Lakes region, has a diverse landscape of forests, farms and lakefront beaches, with lots of outdoor recreation.

Florida: Disney, Harry Potter and manatees

Florida's year-round warm climate makes it a popular destination. It is a perfect place for parks: Explore the Everglades or enjoy a theme park.
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Montana: Big Sky Country, Glacier National Park and the Old West

Be a cowboy (or cowgirl) in Montana! Its vast landscape is filled with parks and wildlife; watch a geyser erupt or enjoy outdoor winter sports.