Colored map with icons showing landmarks (State Dept./Diane Woolverton)

Here’s a free poster with a map of U.S. products, places

The week of July 17 is “Made in America Week” at the White House. This free poster, available for printing, highlights U.S. products and landmarks.

New York: Skyscrapers, Broadway shows, Niagara Falls and the Adirondacks

Visiting the United States? There are 50 states in all. New York is one of the top U.S. destinations for visitors.

Oklahoma: American Indians, cowboys and buffalo

In Oklahoma, you can experience firsthand the life of the American cowboy and celebrate the heritage of the American Indian.

Iowa: Presidential caucuses, state fair, American Gothic and flea-market heaven

Iowa, an agricultural state in the Midwest, attracts worldwide attention every four years by hosting the first contest of the presidential election season.

Colorado: Mountains, coins and dinosaurs

Taking a trip to the U.S.? Stop in Colorado, where winter sports and the great outdoors are a must. This is a place for adventurers and spectators alike.
Couple on horseback in field with mountains in background (Courtesy of Montana Office of Tourism)

Montana: Big Sky Country, Glacier National Park and the Old West

Be a cowboy (or cowgirl) in Montana! Its vast landscape is filled with parks and wildlife; watch a geyser erupt or enjoy outdoor winter sports.
Tourists posing in front of the Statue of Liberty (© John Minchillo/AP Images)

Top 3 U.S. states international tourists visit

See where international visitors go when they travel to the United States and what attracts them to these U.S. destinations.
Drawing of inside of airport (© New York Governor's Office/AP Images)

International visitors to U.S. on the rise [infographic]

People from all over the world are visiting the U.S. in growing numbers and spending more money during their travels, according to the latest data.
Pen resting on visa application paperwork (Thinkstock)

How to be ready for your tourist visa interview

Planning to travel to the U.S.? Be ready for your tourist visa interview with these simple steps.