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U.S. elections get international monitors too

As a participating member of the OSCE, the United States invited international election monitors to ensure the November 8, 2016, elections were free and fair.
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Here’s newly sworn-in President Trump’s full speech

President Trump makes his inaugural address to the people of the United States and the world, laying out his vision for the future
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Trump visits White House to meet Obama

President Obama and President-elect Donald Trump met at the White House on November 10 in a cordial beginning to their transfer of power.
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The top tweets from Secretary of State @JohnKerry in 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, take a look back at some of our favorite tweets from Secretary of State John Kerry. #JKTweetsAgain: Back in...
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40th anniversary of Egypt-Israel peace deal celebrated

Forty years ago, Egypt and Israel signed a historic peace treaty that ended more than 30 years of war between the two countries.
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Obama’s Supreme Court nominee: Who is he, and what happens next?

President Obama has proposed a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February. Who is he, and what happens next?
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230 years of diplomacy [poster]

U.S. diplomacy is 230 years old this year. This poster, which carries the image of the first secretary of state, commemorates this long history.
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Sip. Puff. Elect a new president.

Americans with disabilities are politically engaged and ready to exercise their right to vote — independently and with a secret ballot.
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Even small towns work hard for election security

Election security is a top priority for this small town in New York. See what measures elections officials take when voters visit the polls.