Illustration of buildings with arrows leading to others of different sizes and people (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

Federal government: More than the White House and Congress

Learn more about the federal government in the United States. This article is part of a three-part series on how federalism works in America.
Drawing of three Japanese men and woman (Library of Congress,

Japanese woodblock prints online — and free

The most recent gift from the U.S. Library of Congress to the world is a collection of more than 2,500 stunning Japanese woodblock prints.
Composite of photos of 12 former secretaries of state (State Dept./Sara Gemeny Wilkinson)

Secretaries of state hail from many walks of life

What do you know about those who have served as secretary of state? Learn who won the Nobel Peace Prize, who served the longest and more.
Television reporter holding microphone up to candidate under NBC News and YouTube logos (© AP Images)

On elections, young Americans turn to YouTube

Where do you learn about political candidates leading up to elections? In the U.S., young voters are turning to the video platform YouTube.
Quote from President Trump over picture of him and Melania Trump giving containers of food to people in shelter (© AP Images)

Trump lifts spirits of Texans after hurricane: Shareable photos

Two shareable quotes from President Trump's trip to Houston after Hurricane Harvey devastated southeast Texas.
Xi Jinping and Terry Branstad raising wine glasses for toast (© AP Images)

Trump’s choice for top China diplomat has long ties to Xi

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is President-elect Trump's pick as U.S. ambassador to China. Branstad has known Chinese President Xi Jinping for 30 years.
Early voting in Georgia (© AP Images)

U.S. elections: The world watches

During elections, people from around the world observe and volunteer at polling places to ensure every voter's ballot is counted as it was intended.
Photos showing Affie Ellis and Attica Scott (Courtesy photos)

Voters usher in more diversity to statehouses

The U.S. election ushered in a diverse group of state lawmakers, including a Somali-American Muslim woman and a Navajo woman.
Vice President Pence at lectern (© Evan Vucci/AP Images)

Vice President Pence: Time for a U.S. Space Force

Vice President Pence championed the creation of a U.S. Space Force — a new branch of the U.S. military — to protect global communication, navigation and other systems.