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Women win elections, but first they have to run

When female candidates run, they win, but many need to be reassured that they can have a work-life balance.
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On elections, young Americans turn to YouTube

Where do you learn about political candidates leading up to elections? In the U.S., young voters are turning to the video platform YouTube.
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Even small towns work hard for election security

Election security is a top priority for this small town in New York. See what measures elections officials take when voters visit the polls.
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Vice President Pence: Time for a U.S. Space Force

Vice President Pence championed the creation of a U.S. Space Force — a new branch of the U.S. military — to protect global communication, navigation and other systems.
Pompeo quote on using diplomacy to defend unalienable rights worldwide

Pompeo says diplomacy protects rights worldwide

The U.S. uses diplomacy to defend "unalienable rights" worldwide, Secretary Pompeo says at a celebration of the State Department's anniversary.
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What you didn’t know about Senate confirmations

There’s more to Senate confirmations than just the hearings. Discover some notable moments in U.S. Senate confirmation history.
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Clearing out the ‘president’s attic’

As President Obama's time in office comes to a close, the massive task of hauling and preserving records from his presidency is just getting started.

This document’s alive. And you can watch it evolve.

Has the 1787 U.S. Constitution influenced your country's system of government? Its intentions are hotly debated, but a new interactive site can help.
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Why we need vaccines to be healthy [poster]

Vaccines prevent deadly diseases and save millions of lives annually. But everyone must get vaccinated for maximum effectiveness. Download this poster.