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Women win elections, but first they have to run

When female candidates run, they win, but many need to be reassured that they can have a work-life balance.
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Meet U.S. Acting Secretary of State Sullivan

During this transition period between secretaries of state, a steady hand takes charge and career employees continue their work supporting the president's foreign policies.
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Even small towns work hard for election security

Election security is a top priority for this small town in New York. See what measures elections officials take when voters visit the polls.
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Trump initiative to bring business ideas to government

The newly created White House Office of American Innovation will seek to overhaul government functions by using ideas from the business sector.
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Get to know the 116th Congress

In four graphics, we take a look at the 116th Congress, including the historic number of women, as well as a bit about their backgrounds.
'Vote Here' sign in several languages on a door (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

It was their ‘duty’ to vote on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday voters and election workers in the state of Virginia weigh in on one of the foundations of American democracy: voting.
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Test your knowledge of U.S. presidents [quiz]

Every February, Americans honor their presidents. Take our quiz to see how much you know about U.S. presidents. Share your results!
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To the moon and beyond! America sets new mission in space.

President Trump signed a directive that will send American astronauts back to the moon and eventually to Mars and beyond.
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Reality check: U.S. elections are secure and reliable [video]

The U.S. ensures the security of its elections with transparency. This video explains how U.S. voting works by keeping polling places honest and fair.