Illustration of election officials counting large pile of ballots (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

Results are in. Why count again?

Sometimes votes are counted a second time. That can happen automatically, if the first count is really close, or at a candidate’s request.

U.S. to give additional $119 million for Venezuela’s crisis

New U.S. assistance will go toward alleviating the Venezuelan people's humanitarian crisis and to bolster democratic governance in the country.
Pompeo quote on Iran's crackdown on religious minorities, photo of woman lighting candles (© Ebrahim Norooz/AP Images)

Persecution of the faithful in Iran

The State Department shines a spotlight on the Iranian regime's deadly suppression of religious freedom among its citizens.
George W. Bush behind wheel of vehicle (© AP Images)

Vacation, presidential style

When the president of the United States takes a vacation, it's not like those of ordinary Americans.

This document’s alive. And you can watch it evolve.

Has the 1787 U.S. Constitution influenced your country's system of government? Its intentions are hotly debated, but a new interactive site can help.
Audience watching man on giant screen (© Hussein Malla/AP Images)

U.S. sanctions hurt Iran’s proxy terror groups

The U.S. "maximum pressure campaign" on Iran has starved its regional proxies of the funds they need to operate on behalf of the regime.
President Trump holding up signed executive order (© AP Images)

A look back at how presidents made history with executive orders

What is the difference between an executive order and a presidential memo? Plenty. We also review some famous executive orders U.S. presidents have signed.
President Obama casting ballot on voting machine (AP Images)

Everything you need to know about the U.S. midterm elections

U.S. citizens are gearing up for the 2014 midterm elections — the nation-wide voting that takes place midway through the president's four-year term. Currently,...
Man and woman embracing as people around them cheer (© AP Images)

A new photo every hour … America votes!

Voting begins on November 8 in the U.S., where turnout is expected to be high for a historic election. Check throughout the day for photos!