Solar energy powers new opportunities in Rwanda

Gigawatt Global's energy production doesn't stop at improving the environment; the company created an education program for orphans in a nearby village.

Big Brown goes green, wins big

Let’s say it’s your job to deliver about 17 million packages. Every day. In 220 countries. Have you really got time to worry about...
Close-up of electricity meter (Shutterstock)

Want cheap electricity? Try net metering.

Homeowners and businesses that rely on solar panels and wind turbines have cheaper electric bills, thanks to a system called “net metering.”
Graphic showing coal and solar-power grid (State Dept./Julia Maruszewski)

How is one U.S. state cutting carbon emissions so much?

Oregon will cut emissions by 30 million metric tons under a new plan developed by power utilities and environmental groups.
Worker in hard hat operating power tamper next to solar panel array (© AP Images)

Solar power booms in Africa as new technology rolls out

New solar technology could help provide cheap power to many of the 600 million people in Africa who currently lack access to reliable electricity.

You don’t have to win an Oscar to fight climate change...

During his acceptance speech for winning the Academy Award for best actor, Leonardo DiCaprio used the platform to address #climatechange.
Pacific walruses affected by Arctic climate change (AP Images)

Photo of the day: Walruses face an uncertain future

What would you do if your home melted? It happened to these Pacific walruses, when rising Arctic temperatures liquified their icy abode. The 35,000...
Three men connecting marsh grass (© AP Images)

Louisiana community faces rising waters of climate change

Residents of Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana,are working together to reduce the effects of rising sea levels as a result of climate change.

The greening of the bottom line

More companies are introducing sustainable practices into their manufacturing processes and products, helping the environment and improving profitability.