A city drought caused by destruction of a rainforest?

South America's biggest and wealthiest city is waiting for the rain. If it doesn't come soon, São Paulo could run out of water before 2015....
Solar Impulse 2 plane flying over city (© AP Images)

They did it! Pilots complete their flight around the world in...

Powered by the sun, and storing energy in lithium batteries, two pilots flew this historic plane 35,000 kilometers around the world.

Homer tackles climate change, others imitate its approach

In 2007, Homer developed a plan to identify and resolve the city’s key climate-related vulnerabilities. Others are trying to replicate Homer's success.

With Katrina lessons learned, New Orleans prepares for climate change [video]

Many people are vulnerable to rising sea levels due to climate change. Are there lessons to be learned from New Orleans' recovery from Hurricane Katrina?
Wind turbines silhouetted by sun (AP Images)

Communities win with renewable energy

Americans love to compete. It might be baseball, or basketball or...green power? Beginning in 2013, a number of U.S. cities stepped up to the...

Online learning spurs offline climate action

The YALI Network began a campaign among young Africans that bridged online enthusiasm and real-world action on how climate change affects their communities.
Technicians working in lab (Courtesy of Cyclotron Road)

They sound like sci-fi, but these new technologies could become mainstream...

The technology of the future may soon be at your fingertips. Researchers at Cyclotron Road are creating a new generation of clean-energy technologies.

Cities as policy labs: L.A. cleans up its smog

With the largest fleet of natural gas buses in the U.S. — about 2,200 — Los Angeles has become a leader in cutting carbon emissions.
Barack Obama and Xi Jinping shaking hands (© AP Images)

Hailing cooperation, U.S. and China join global climate deal

U.S. and China, who produce 38 percent of the world's carbon dioxide emissions, have joined the Paris accord to keep the Earth's temperature from rising.