The greening of the bottom line

More companies are introducing sustainable practices into their manufacturing processes and products, helping the environment and improving profitability.
Bird flying near iceberg in Antarctica (© AP Images)

Bright spot: Antarctica’s ozone hole is starting to shrink

Years of polluting the atmosphere with chlorine caused a hole in the ozone layer. But thanks to international efforts, the ozone hole is starting to heal.
People in winter coats walking on barren ground, hut in background (State Dept.)video

Kerry: World should keep moving forward on climate change [video]

It's been a historic year in the fight against climate change, but we can't stop now, John Kerry said at the U.N. climate conference in Morocco.
President Obama speaking at podium in front of mountains and trees at Yosemite National Park (© AP Images)

‘Protect our parks, and protect this planet for generations’

While visiting Yosemite to celebrate the National Park Service's 100th anniversary, President Obama asked people to protect our parks and our future.
Earth seen from space (NASA)

NASA tech brings climate science down to Earth

More than 160 satellites beam data to scientists studying climate worldwide. Political leaders can base climate decisions on science rather than theory.

Celebrities join in the fight against climate change [video]

"One day we will wake up to find we have literally changed the face of the Earth," actor Morgan Freeman says in this video,...

The climate is changing. It’s time to adapt.

A warmer world will raise sea levels and trigger extreme weather events. You can prepare for these events, and the U.S. will help other countries do that.

Solar energy powers new opportunities in Rwanda

Gigawatt Global's energy production doesn't stop at improving the environment; the company created an education program for orphans in a nearby village.

Say “no” to soot

Black soot produced by carbon-based fuels is falling on the Arctic Ocean, absorbing heat and accelerating melting. Arctic nations want to reduce soot.