Kerry: A global agreement is necessary to address climate change

Climate change poses one of the greatest threats now facing humanity, and no global climate agreement alone is going to stop it, U.S. Secretary...
Woman touching digital map (Shutterstock)

City transit systems look to the future

Several U.S. cities are leveraging technology to reduce traffic's effect on climate change. Look at the winner of the "Smart City Challenge."
Harrison Ford sitting atop an elephant with a guide (Courtesy of "Years of Living Dangerously")

Lifestyles of the famous and green

Celebrities use their popularity to support environmental efforts. What can you do to #ActOnClimate?

Big Brown goes green, wins big

Let’s say it’s your job to deliver about 17 million packages. Every day. In 220 countries. Have you really got time to worry about...
Artist's rendition of solar roadway, with lights glowing in foreground panels (Courtesy of Solar Roadways)

Is it sunrise for solar highways? [video]

Solar roadways are coming to the U.S. as pilot projects. The tiles that create the roads act as solar panels but can also solve other environmental issues.
Wave generator overlooking ocean (© AP Images)

Are ocean waves America’s energy future?

The U.S. Navy's wave generator taps the energy potential of the ocean and could help supply remote areas with much-needed electricity.
People standing in splashing water (© AP Images)

Climate change could make it too hot to work

Researchers say one way to increase productivity is to address climate change, as hot weather makes it unbearable to work in some parts of the world.
Giant clam (AP Images)

This clam can change the future of energy

Could the giant clam's colorful lips hold the key to renewable energy? At 200 kilograms, and with life spans exceeding a century, these magnificent...
Performers dancing at 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony (© AP Images)

Rio goes gold, silver, bronze and green

Those watching the Opening Ceremony and viewing the Olympic Games see climate change as a major theme, from sustainable food to recycled medals.