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City transit systems look to the future

Several U.S. cities are leveraging technology to reduce traffic's effect on climate change. Look at the winner of the "Smart City Challenge."
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Did your country help make air conditioners better for the environment?

Nearly 200 countries took a key step in the fight against global warming by phasing out a chemical used in air conditioners and refrigerators.

Simple facts of climate change

Climate scientists are in nearly unanimous agreement that the Earth’s atmosphere is getting warmer and will affect the way people around the world live.
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How is one U.S. state cutting carbon emissions so much?

Oregon will cut emissions by 30 million metric tons under a new plan developed by power utilities and environmental groups.
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Countries approve first-ever limits on airline emissions

If the airline industry were a country, it would be the world's seventh-largest carbon polluter. New rules set limits on increases in aircraft emissions.

What makes Earth Day special and why we still need it

The Earth Day Network coordinates activities that raise awareness of local environmental issues, as well as global climate change, in 192 countries.
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President Obama needs your help fighting climate change [video]

https://youtu.be/rApkeiwcGng We’re the first generation to experience the alarming effects of a rapidly changing climate: intense rains and severe droughts, warmer oceans and melting glaciers....
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Scientists’ annual physical of the planet: Earth’s fever rises

Earth’s fever got worse last year, breaking dozens of climate records, scientists said in a massive report that's called the annual physical for the planet.
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The company planting a green future in the Philippines

TI Philippines embraces sustainable practices for its manufacturing facility — from recycling to developing an environmental education program.