Bill Gates (© AP Images)

Global fund stakes $1 billion on clean energy

Bill Gates and 20 of the world's top entrepreneurs have a plan for investing in great ideas. They aim to revolutionize the clean energy sector.
Illustration of figures pushing globe up hill (State Dept./D. Thompson)

What’s next for the Paris climate agreement?

After more than 190 countries signed the Paris agreement, it moved toward going into force in only months. What's next for the landmark climate accord?
Sun setting behind hotel (Courtesy of Park Hyderabad)

In the hotel industry, going green means growing revenues

Being environmentally friendly is paying off for more than 400 LEED-certified hotels. See what they're doing and how you can be a better traveler.
Artist's rendition of solar roadway, with lights glowing in foreground panels (Courtesy of Solar Roadways)

Is it sunrise for solar highways? [video]

Solar roadways are coming to the U.S. as pilot projects. The tiles that create the roads act as solar panels but can also solve other environmental issues.
Wave generator overlooking ocean (© AP Images)

Are ocean waves America’s energy future?

The U.S. Navy's wave generator taps the energy potential of the ocean and could help supply remote areas with much-needed electricity.
Field with large solar installations (Courtesy of SunPower)

Solar energy lights the way from California to Africa

A combination of local, state, and federal laws and incentives in California boosted their solar use to power millions of homes.
Panoramic view of vast array of mirrors at solar energy project (© AP Images)

For former coal workers, renewable energy means renewed job market

As the country shifts from traditional energy sources to renewables, there is a growing demand for workers. Former coal workers could fill this gap.
People walking on roof, one carrying solar panel (© AP Images)

It’s a new era: U.S. renewables outpacing fossil fuels

Electricity drawn from renewable sources, like solar and wind, is becoming an increasingly popular power source in the U.S. and is expected to grow.
Pacific walruses affected by Arctic climate change (AP Images)

Photo of the day: Walruses face an uncertain future

What would you do if your home melted? It happened to these Pacific walruses, when rising Arctic temperatures liquified their icy abode. The 35,000...