Air conditioners being sold on street (© AP Images)

Did your country help make air conditioners better for the environment?

Nearly 200 countries took a key step in the fight against global warming by phasing out a chemical used in air conditioners and refrigerators.
Close-up image of melting glacier (© AP Images)

No plan for climate change? Risky investment, agencies say.

Even before nearly 200 countries reached the historic Paris climate agreement in 2015, credit rating agencies had been evaluating companies' climate risk.

The air was so dirty kids couldn’t play outside. Today, this...

Air quality in California cities improved through strong policies, technology and local collaborative action.
Solar panels in desert (Courtesy of Sempra U.S. Gas and Power)

U.S. Navy gets greener

Sempra Energy's new solar array will supply 14 Navy and Marine Corps installations one-third of their electricity needs for the next 25 years.

A garden path above Manhattan and other clean-air hacks

Cities have an advantage for improving air quality. Their experiences In developed countries can benefit cities in developing countries.
Sun shining throught solar panels (Shutterstock)

‘Grid parity’ is key to stopping climate change. Here’s why.

What does grid parity have to do with climate change? Everything. As the cost of renewable energy drops, so does the dependence on traditional energy.
Harrison Ford sitting atop an elephant with a guide (Courtesy of "Years of Living Dangerously")

Lifestyles of the famous and green

Celebrities use their popularity to support environmental efforts. What can you do to #ActOnClimate?