Drivetrain of vehicle powered by alternative fuel (AP Images)

Alternative-fuel vehicles are the heroes of this odyssey…on this day

What could be better than powering your car with the most abundant element on the planet? What if that resource also produced much less...
Giant clam (AP Images)

This clam can change the future of energy

Could the giant clam's colorful lips hold the key to renewable energy? At 200 kilograms, and with life spans exceeding a century, these magnificent...

At ground zero for climate change, traditions and livelihoods hang in...

People across the Arctic are facing extreme weather, unpredictable hunting seasons, unstable ice and other effects of global warming. What can they do?
Solar panels lining rural road (© AP Images)

Tech giants Apple and Google get into the solar business

This year, Apple applied to sell excess electricity from new renewable energy installations. Google, Amazon and Walmart started similar programs.
Harrison Ford sitting atop an elephant with a guide (Courtesy of "Years of Living Dangerously")

Lifestyles of the famous and green

Celebrities use their popularity to support environmental efforts. What can you do to #ActOnClimate?
Man walking along flooded street (© AP Images)

This tech tool helps communities prep for climate change

Cities around the world are getting granular with climate data, using a new tool called PREP to prepare for the local effects of climate change.

The air was so dirty kids couldn’t play outside. Today, this...

Air quality in California cities improved through strong policies, technology and local collaborative action.
Night shot of smokestacks releasing gases (© AP Images)

These companies turn greenhouse gases into cash

New methods of capturing carbon dioxide from industrial facilities and storing it underground can mitigate global warming.