Illustration of figure plugging in to giant outlet (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

What is the power grid and how does it work?

Did you know you are looking at part of the power grid every time you see power transmission lines? How does renewable energy become part of the grid?

Obama calls climate change our biggest threat

In his 2015 State of the Union address, President Obama touched on a range of global challenges, but declared the environment his top concern. “No challenge...
Secretary of State John Kerry speaking at podium (© AP Images)

Secretary Kerry: ‘We don’t get a second chance’ on climate

"What we do right now, today, matters," Kerry told delegates at a climate change summit developing rules to implement the Paris climate agreement.

With Katrina lessons learned, New Orleans prepares for climate change [video]

Many people are vulnerable to rising sea levels due to climate change. Are there lessons to be learned from New Orleans' recovery from Hurricane Katrina?

The future won’t forgive us

As the clock ticks down to a major climate conference this December, the Obama administration is calling on leaders everywhere to prevent a “collective...
Drawing of hand dropping coin into slot in Earth (State Dept./Doug Thomson)

Save money. Save the environment. Here’s how (HINT: It involves your...

Energy-conscious consumers prefer green homes. They save on energy and water bills and reduce their families’ environmental impact. It’s the right thing to do!...

White House science adviser wants to hear from you about climate...

If you need answers on climate change, just ask the White House. In November, White House science adviser John Holdren asked the public to submit questions...
Performers dancing at 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony (© AP Images)

Rio goes gold, silver, bronze and green

Those watching the Opening Ceremony and viewing the Olympic Games see climate change as a major theme, from sustainable food to recycled medals.
Propeller-driven aircraft in flight (NASA)

What has 14 propellers and zero emissions?

NASA's latest experimental plane, sporting 14 propellers and long, skinny wings, is all-electric and produces zero emissions.