Men in protective gear looking at machine and vials ((© Lulama Zenzile/Die Burger/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

Expanding COVID-19 vaccine production in Africa

A U.S. producer plans to build a COVID-19 vaccine production facility in Africa. Learn other ways the U.S. supports vaccinations in Africa.
Man driving machine that transports solar panels at manufacturing plant (© Tony Dejak/AP Images)

Protecting the climate and creating jobs

The U.S. private sector is creating green energy jobs at home and abroad, as a part of the U.S. commitment to tackling climate change.
Woman holding up bunch of onions in farm field (© Likati Thomas/Feed the Future/USAID)

Ending hunger: 60 years of U.S. action

2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Agency for International Development. Take a look at the agency's efforts to end hunger
Girl flinching as hand injects vaccine into her arm (© K.M. Chaudary/AP Images)

U.S. sends COVID-19 vaccines worldwide [October 2021]

The United States is donating billions in COVID-19 vaccine doses, funding for COVAX and medical supplies to countries all over the world.
Antony Blinken clasping hands as he speaks at lectern (© Santiago Arcos/AP Images)

Delivering on the promise of democracy

The United States is supporting democracies in Latin America, helping to fight corruption, keep people safe and invest in communities.
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Nations rally to fight global ransomware threat

The United States is partnering with numerous countries to disrupt ransomware incidents, which threaten infrastructure and the economy.
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Makers of modest clothes find a niche in U.S. fashion

Modest fashion, once considered dowdy, is now anything but. Learn how retailers are catering to buyers who want stylish yet modest clothing.
Vera Chipatso Mlia sitting on floor and clapping her hands, surrounded by circle of children (Courtesy of Trevor Noah Foundation/OM Films)

Meet 4 education ‘changemakers’ in Africa

These young African innovators are improving the quality of education in their communities with apps and games that make learning fun.
Couples with masks dancing in a plaza (© Matilde Campodonico/AP Images)

COVID-19 vaccine deliveries revive normal life

Deliveries of COVID-19 vaccine doses are giving people back the things they love, from spending time with relatives to enjoying concerts.