Illustration of businesswoman standing beneath wrecking ball shaped like lightbulb (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Surviving disruption in business

Terry Jones disrupted the travel business as a founder of Travelocity and chairman of Here's his advice on how businesses can embrace innovation.
African woman with Mandela sticker. Fellowship for Young African Leaders honors Mandela (AP Images)

Calling Young Africans! Will YOU meet President Obama in 2015?

For 500 young African men and women, six weeks of academic study, training and mentoring in the United States could be a turning point...

Starting a business? Learn the 5 most important things you need...

Entrepreneurs have great ideas, but you need a plan to build your business. Join this Feb. 9 webchat to learn how to prioritize your needs and succeed.

Coffee can generate electricity

ECPA was created at the 2012 Summit of the Americas to help provide universal electricity to Latin America. Watch how it shows how to reuse coffee as fuel.
White-gloved hand holding saffron (© AP Images)

Rumi Spice: A U.S. business helping Afghanistan through trade

Three U.S. Army veterans are creating jobs in Afghanistan through their saffron-importing company, called Rumi Spice.
Aerial view of large industrial operation in mountainous land (© Cerro Verde/Lance Lundstrom)

This Peruvian mine produces clean water for Arequipa

The Cerro Verde copper mine built a wastewater treatment plant for Arequipa, Peru, solving the town's clean water needs as well as its own.

To get the world to fund your startup, start with your...

Peisy Ting’s relationship with crowdfunding began more than two years ago, when the Malaysian citizen quit her job in advertising. “I started to feel burnt out," she...
Man holding small child and waving ( © AP Images)

Displaced Iraqis gain safe havens with U.S. help

A $155 million aid package will provide supplies and educational materials for about 10 million Iraqis needing help.

Kavita Shukla can save tons of food worldwide…using her grandmother’s spice...

As a girl, Kavita Shukla was visiting her grandmother in India when she accidentally drank contaminated water. Her grandmother's traditional home remedy of herbs and...