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Facing a barrier? Acknowledge it. Talk about it. Move around it....

Businesswoman Julie Hanna says entrepreneurs often face barriers. The key to success is acknowledging those barriers and getting help to resolve issues.

Will entrepreneurs lead humanity to the stars?

"I've wanted to fly into space since I was a child," says Peter Diamandis. Now he helps others realize their space-exploration dreams. Diamandis founded the...
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Tillerson stresses partnerships in recent visit to Latin America, the Caribbean

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson focused on strengthening U.S. partnerships during his weeklong trip to Latin America and the Caribbean.
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Failing is part of business. Join Nov. 15 webchat to discuss.

In failures, entrepreneurs find opportunities to improve their business. Join the November 15 discussion on how entrepreneurs can learn from their mistakes.

U.S. and other Pacific Rim countries reach ‘very big deal’

In a landmark agreement, countries accounting for nearly half of the world's economy have committed to cut trade barriers and set common standards.

People will pay to see where their food comes from

Farm owners are creating new income by luring tourists willing to pay to spend the morning learning to milk a cow or the afternoon...

How can a business regroup when its original idea doesn’t fly?

This article is part of Entrepreneurs: The Next Generation, a ShareAmerica series written in simplified English and designed to help you develop your business vocabulary. Click each...
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Angel investors help bring tech ideas to life

Even the best ideas for innovative tech startups need money to get off the drawing board. Often angel investors are the answer.
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What is blockchain and why should workers care?

Learn how this innovative technology could help companies around the world keep track of their supply chains and find out how their suppliers' workers are treated.