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Pompeo: Many countries are following Chile’s example [infographic]

Once under a military dictatorship, Chile made a peaceful transition to democracy and embraced free markets and capitalism. Today, Chile is thriving.

Bootstrap funding or venture capital: What’s right for your startup?

Startups require capital to turn a product idea into reality. The question for entrepreneurs is: Should you self-finance or look for formal investors?
Ambulances and emergency workers in Pakistan (© Khuram Parvez/Reuters)

U.S. helps Pakistan, Afghanistan improve trauma care

Most of the world's 5 million injury-related deaths each year are in lower-income countries. A program in Pakistan and Afghanistan hopes to change that.
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U.S. manufacturing grows at record level

American manufacturing is growing at the fastest pace in more than a decade. See why.
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Start a business. Help the poor.

The Unreasonable Group believes for-profit companies with a social mission can address global challenges more effectively than nonprofits can.
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Trump, Japan’s Abe stand in solidarity

President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe are united on how to deal with North Korea and agree that a nuclear North Korea cannot be tolerated. They also pledge to work for free and fair trade.
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Is your business idea ‘disruptive’? Find out on November 14.

Before Skype there was the long distance call, and before email you had to wait for the postman to arrive. Both innovations not only...
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April 4: GIST TechConnect – Building and supporting your startup community...

On April 4, join a webchat with experts on best practices for building a community that supports entrepreneurs, ventures and the startup community.

What’s justice got to do with development? Probably more than you...

If people do not feel secure about themselves, their property and their ideas in the present, they are unlikely to invest in the future.