Two men smiling and talking together near big bag of silver fish (© Jjumba Martin/Mercy Corps)

Helping refugees in Africa become entrepreneurs

Refugees in Africa are becoming entrepreneurs and building a network inside settlements, thanks to a program offered by U.S. organizations.
Man wearing goggles welding pipe (© Evgeniy Maloletka/AP)

Billions pledged for Ukraine’s recovery

World leaders recently pledged billions of dollars and euros toward Ukraine’s recovery. See what the U.S. and its allies are doing to help.
Women carrying bags of netting through field (© UNICEF/Mark Naftalin)

UNICEF receives unprecedented backing from the United States

With more than $880 million in contributions in 2021, the U.S. government is UNICEF's largest donor. Learn how else the U.S. supports UNICEF.
Illustration of people examining transparent safe full of money (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Working together toward more open government

The U.S. and partner nations value open government. See how a new State Department report encourages accountability.
Syrian refugee family sitting on ground in front of tent (© Bilal Hussein/AP)

U.S. continues humanitarian support for Syria

Syrians face dual crises from natural disasters and conflict. Learn how the U.S. is supporting the relief effort.
Aerial view of container ship in dock at port (Courtesy of DFC)

Improving ports connects communities to global trade

The U.S. helps build sustainable, quality ports around the world, increasing countries' access to global trade and creating jobs.
People walking in flooded street guiding inflatable boat with others riding inside (© Olexander Kornykov/Vgoru Media)

U.S. sends aid to Ukraine following destruction of Kakhovka Dam

The U.S. is sending emergency aid to Ukraine after the destruction of a dam displaced thousands. Learn about U.S. support for relief efforts.
Preschool students sitting in reading corner of classroom (© Mercy Corps)

Making reading fun for Uzbekistan’s children

Learn about a U.S.-backed literacy program in Uzbekistan that promotes a love of reading among preschoolers.
Woman in traditional African clothing sitting on USAID sack, surrounded by more sacks (Courtesy of Will Baxter/Catholic Relief Services)

Making sure food for the world’s hungry is safe

Learn how USAID ensures the safety and quality of U.S.-provided food to recipients worldwide and how food programs promote development.