Obama: A combat mission is over. The U.S. commitment to the...

When the NATO-led international combat force in Afghanistan formally ended its operations December 28, President Obama said, “The longest war in American history is...

Help rural women, help feed the world

Greater prosperity and more food can come from simple things. Better seeds, a little credit and a road to market will empower rural women of the world.
Woman walking past mural painted on wall (André Mellagi/Flickr)

Growing strong in Haiti, one community at a time

After tragedy struck Haiti, one survivor knew he should become a community leader. Now, his programs focus on peace building and urban agriculture.
Woman in safety suit spraying inside of a house (© Jessica Scranton/AIRS)

U.S. broadens effort to combat malaria in Africa

The U.S. President's Malaria Initiative will expand its malaria prevention programs into four new countries in West and Central Africa.

These girls deserve better than the status quo

World leaders will meet in New York to lay out a vision and a plan for inclusive economic growth and long-term stability for struggling nations.
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The U.S. economy shows its strength

The U.S. economy is growing strongly, as shown by a number of indicators, and economists say that benefits people around the world.
Illustration of an older electrician showing a younger one how to splice a cable (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

Coveted apprenticeships solve skill shortages

President Trump is pushing to double the number of apprenticeships in the U.S., to give workers the skills employers seek and lead to rewarding careers.
Woman and child sitting in shelter (© AP Images)

Refugees can boost surrounding communities

Refugees can boost, not burden, economic growth in the communities that host them, a new study by the United Nations concludes.
Man holding bunch of beets at market (VOA)

Refugee farmers plant new roots in U.S. [video]

Refugee farmers are providing their new communities with food through the New Roots program, which allows them to turn vacant city lots into urban farmland.