Ukraine is open for business

U.S. leaders affirm U.S. commitment to Ukraine’s economic reforms and the importance of the private sector in improving Ukraine’s investment climate.

Africa’s future is getting brighter

After its first two years, the Power Africa campaign continues to boost electricity access, bringing light, computers and information into African homes.

Delivering shelter, rebuilding lives

Earthquakes in Nepal have affected the lives of more than 8 million people. The U.S. is providing shelter and helping communities rebuild.

Healthy diets, healthy economies

With advances in crop development like biofortification, the global agriculture and food sectors have geared up to make people healthier.

Filling the world’s cup with certified coffee beans

Coffee is Ethiopia’s top export, providing livelihoods for 15 million people. That's why USAID is showing farmers how to increase the value of their beans.

Neighborhood gardens boost urban economies

In cities across America, residents are reclaiming abandoned parcels of land and planting them with trees, vegetables and flowers.

What’s justice got to do with development? Probably more than you...

If people do not feel secure about themselves, their property and their ideas in the present, they are unlikely to invest in the future.

Coffee can generate electricity

ECPA was created at the 2012 Summit of the Americas to help provide universal electricity to Latin America. Watch how it shows how to reuse coffee as fuel.

National Security Strategy: From assistance to partnership with Africa

The National Security Strategy, released by the White House in February, sets the goals and priorities that guide American foreign policy toward achieving peace...