Illustrations of items related to North American trade (State Dept.)

New pact will spur North American economic growth

The U.S. will soon implement a new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada that will expand markets and increase jobs across North America.

Can your photo capture the power of entrepreneurship? Submit yours now.

In a world saturated with media, the power of a single, compelling image can cut through the clutter. The CIPE Global Photo Competition does exactly that.
African woman's hands weaving yellow basket (Shutterstock)

Oregon company gives creative outlet to East African artisans

Swahili African Modern, a U.S. business that sells handmade African home décor, is on a mission to find more suppliers in Africa. A U.S. program is helping.
Failure can be good for your business (Shutterstock)

Failure can be good for your business

Nobody likes to fail. But when business leaders discuss their successes, they often start by talking about failure. Failure can be a good teacher.

People will pay to see where their food comes from

Farm owners are creating new income by luring tourists willing to pay to spend the morning learning to milk a cow or the afternoon...

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit needs you

Attention, entrepreneurs and investors! Applications for the July 25–26 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kenya are due May 18. Read on to find out more.

Work together, make more money. Join a cooperative!

Two heads are better than one, especially in business. By pooling resources, entrepreneurship cooperatives enhance communities and promote job creation.

America’s space chief tells African youth: ‘Be bold and fearless’

Charles Bolden of NASA encourages young African leaders to be “bold and fearless,” and to join together to meet the challenges of the world today.
Models on runway wearing elaborate hijabs and gowns (© AP Images)

Can high fashion mix with hijabs?

Anniesa Hasibuan, a Muslim fashion designer based in Indonesia, made history during New York Fashion Week with every runway model wearing a hijab.