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Here are the most inviting countries for an entrepreneur

When entrepreneurs come up with big ideas with the potential to make a splash in global markets, a key decision is where to base their operations.
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Startup 101: After you start, what comes next?

For any startup, a great business plan and targeting the right market are essential. But then comes the hard part of running the fledgling enterprise.
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Here’s how America protects innovators [video]

American prosperity is built on innovation, and protecting the rights of inventors and creators to profit from their work is a priority.
President Obama speaking to young Southeast Asian leaders at a town hall event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (AP Images)

President Obama is calling the next generation of young leaders. Will...

Will you be one of 500 men and women selected for a Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Fellowship?  Speaking in Burma, President Obama announced that...
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From refugee camp to New York City: An entrepreneur’s tale

Born in a Laotian refugee camp in Argentina, Monica Phromsavanh came to the U.S. at age 17 and quickly moved up the ladder in the fashion world.
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Coding a new future in Buenos Aires

María Celeste Medina has started her own software business and is building something else: a new generation of tech talent in Argentina.

All aboard the idea train

During August the past two years, civic-minded youth with ideas — whether about society, business or art — have set out on a train...
Malikca Cummings and workers taking apart machines to find recyclable material (Courtesy of Malikca Cummings)

Malikca Cummings: Profiting from a better environment

Malikca Cummings, founder of an e-waste recycling company in the Caribbean, will be attending the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in California.
Steve Wozniak provides business insights (AP Images)

“Don’t worry so much about getting your car scratched” and other...

When the world knows you as The Woz, you appeared on television's "Dancing With the Stars" and — oh yeah— co-founded a little startup called Apple...