Student in lab coat standing among tubes and flasks in lab (© Helen H. Richardson/Denver Post via Getty Images)

A pioneer town reinventing how we harness energy

Fort Collins, Colorado, began as a cavalry outpost in the Old West, but grew into a 21st century capital of scientific innovation, tackling the world's greatest energy challenges.

She’s outfitting South Africa’s hip-hop scene

Over the next five years, millions of businesses around the world owned and run by women will expand by at least six employees, predicts the Global...

Ask an entrepreneur: How to raise capital

Do you have an idea for a business but need money to get it off the ground? Where should you start? That depends on how...
Want to copy Silicon Valley? Don't forget the critical component.

Other places have tried to replicate Silicon Valley, but they left...

At least 25 places around the world refer to their local high-tech business cluster or industry as Silicon Something. What's in the name? Silicon Alley, which for...
Man and woman standing near cattle (Courtesy of Zainab Mustapha Jaji)

African women entrepreneurs think big and share dreams

In many places, women shoulder much of the work and reap few of the profits while bearing most family responsibilities. The African Women's Entrepreneurship Program is changing that.

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

This article is part of Entrepreneurs: The Next Generation, a ShareAmerica series written in simplified English and designed to help you develop your business vocabulary. Click each underlined word...
Piles of colored plastic polymers and a water bottle (Shutterstock)

The United States is the ‘best place’ to open a business

The impressive development and growth of minority-owned businesses in America are helping to fuel the nation's surging economy.
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The entrepreneurial spirit picks up steam in Mexico

A growing number of Mexican entrepreneurs are bringing new services and products to market. Private and public programs help them gain knowledge.

Power to the people, literally. How one social entrepreneur is helping...

Social entrepreneurs are making a difference around the world with innovative designs and business models, including creating a mobile power grid in Africa.