Row of toilets on an assembly line (TOTO USA)

Japanese toilet maker taps U.S. engineers’ skills

A decision to manufacture its toilets in the U.S. and a reputation for being environmentally friendly are key to Japanese company TOTO's success.
Painting of man behind lit lightbulb (© AP Images)

Thomas Edison protected his bright ideas — all 1,093 of them

Patents protect the ideas and work of inventors and are part of a broad category of legal protection known as intellectual property rights.
Raymond Wu seated at laboratory bench (Courtesy of Wynd)

Entrepreneur gives tips for making it in Silicon Valley [video]

Raymond Wu shares his experience of co-founding a high-tech startup company in Silicon Valley in California. What's the key to success for startups?
Man with umbrella walking through outdoor shopping center (© AP Images)

American cities are open for business

American cities are clamoring for new business to set up shop on their Main Streets. Overseas companies looking to grow are interested in what they offer.
Steve Wozniak provides business insights (AP Images)

“Don’t worry so much about getting your car scratched” and other...

When the world knows you as The Woz, you appeared on television's "Dancing With the Stars" and — oh yeah— co-founded a little startup called Apple...
Young men and women seated at desks with course materials in classroom (Courtesy of AMIDEAST)

Why wait for a job? These young people create business opportunities...

Entrepreneurship is flourishing in the Middle East, where nearly half the population is under 25 and youth unemployment hovers around 30 percent.

Starting a business? Here’s how to get expert advice.

At some point, all aspiring business owners need advice. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg learned team building from Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs. Bill Gates, co-founder...

Power to the people, literally. How one social entrepreneur is helping...

Social entrepreneurs are making a difference around the world with innovative designs and business models, including creating a mobile power grid in Africa.

Ask an entrepreneur: How to grow your business

If you started a business, you know that developing your business idea and raising capital is just the start. When is it time to find...