Woman seated in front of blackboard (© Matthias Heisler)

Entrepreneur sees benefits in being an Austrian Muslim

For this immigrant entrepreneur, success is built on her Muslim faith, civic commitment and the U.S. State Department-sponsored leadership training.
Man and woman with plantains (© Margarita Bajaña/Revista Zonalibre)

Ecuadorian plantain business survives earthquake … and thrives

Following a natural disaster, an Ecuadorian woman learns how to make her business bigger and better through a U.S.-supported training program.
Map of world showing where previous Global Entrepreneurship Summits have been held (Courtesy of GES 2016)

Startups descend on Silicon Valley for global summit

Hundreds of entrepreneurs from 170 countries are taking part in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Palo Alto, California, June 22–24.
Smiling woman ringing the NYSE bell, surrounded by other smiling people (© Richard Drew/AP Images)

New York Stock Exchange welcomes Africa’s first ‘unicorn’

Jumia, the "Alibaba of Africa," draws eyes toward Africa as the first publicly traded tech startup from the continent on the NYSE
Woman holding up small jar (Mirjana Vukša Zavišić/USAID)

Coaching a new generation of entrepreneurs in Serbia

USAID teamed up with the Desing Taste Center in Belgrade to help young entrepreneurs excel as new business owners in the food sector.

7 questions for entrepreneur Claude Grunitzky

Claude Grunitzky of True answers questions from budding African entrepreneurs during a webchat organized by the Young African Leaders Initiative Network.
Steve Wozniak provides business insights (AP Images)

“Don’t worry so much about getting your car scratched” and other...

When the world knows you as The Woz, you appeared on television's "Dancing With the Stars" and — oh yeah— co-founded a little startup called Apple...

A road to the future is paved with solar panels

Entrepreneurs Scott and Julie Brusaw use crowdfunding to bring a powerful idea to the world.

How Coca-Cola helps students ‘think global, act local’

Students from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia came to the U.S. to study American business practices via public-private sponsorships.