India’s ‘River from the Sky’ fills village reservoirs

An Indian entrepreneur designs a rainwater collection system that provides clean drinking water for thousands of residents of villages in Rajasthan.

Learn how to ‘fail forward’ and succeed in business

Although more than a third of new businesses fail within two years, failure can actually help your career as an entrepreneur. Learn how.
Sushma Swaraj and Rex Tillerson shaking hands (State Dept.)

The United States and India: A vital partnership

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the strong, growing U.S.-India strategic and economic partnership holds the key to peace, security and stability.
Map of world showing where previous Global Entrepreneurship Summits have been held (Courtesy of GES 2016)

Startups descend on Silicon Valley for global summit

Hundreds of entrepreneurs from 170 countries are taking part in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Palo Alto, California, June 22–24.
Illustration of people fitting large square peg with lightbulb imprint into hole (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

How to make sure your startup idea fits the market

Figuring out if your product or service satisfies a need in the market is the first step to building a successful venture. Here are four tips.

Migrants: They’re smart, they innovate (just ask Google)

Migrants to the U.S. have contributed greatly to the economy and technological landscape. Additionally, these innovators send money back to their homelands.
A woman stares up at a chalkboard above her with speech bubbles suggesting all the advice for businesswomen available today

Advice for businesswomen: the good and the bad

An estimated 126 million women started or were running a new business in 2012, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report (GEM). Have your...
Boneshakered Bigwheel at crowdfunding festival in Florida (AP Images)

Ask the crowd to fund your dream project! (Others might get...

Do you have a great idea for a business, a film or a research project? Are you too broke to make it happen? Crowdfunding...
Collage of African women entrepreneurs (D.A. Peterson/State Dept./S. Gemeny WIlkinson)

We agree: Nothing beats being your own boss

Have you ever considered being your own boss? These African entrepreneurs started with ideas and an opportunity and turned them into a business.