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European business incubator to open in New York

Europe’s largest business incubator will open its first U.S. site in New York City. It's designed to boost international opportunities for startups.
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Unleashing new entrepreneurs is India’s top job

Indian startups thrive in Bangalore, but the country needs many more entrepreneurs. The Global Entrepreneurship Summit can help.
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Africa’s future leaders head home

Young leaders from sub-Saharan Africa’s 49 countries are returning home with clearer visions, revived purpose, and stronger networks after a summer as Mandela Washington Fellows.

Silicon Valley to host the world’s entrepreneurs [video]

President Obama announced that next year the Global Entrepreneurship Summit will be held in the United States' "birthplace of innovation."

She’s outfitting South Africa’s hip-hop scene

Over the next five years, millions of businesses around the world owned and run by women will expand by at least six employees, predicts the Global...
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Make the perfect pitch…and get your business into the big leagues

A lot of people have good ideas, but it takes more than ideas to start a business. You need money. That’s why knowing how...
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Here’s how America protects innovators [video]

American prosperity is built on innovation, and protecting the rights of inventors and creators to profit from their work is a priority.
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Richard Branson’s advice to entrepreneurs

Here are four takeaways from Richard Branson's talk on entrepreneurship with fellows from the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative.
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Here’s how U.S. companies help women worldwide

Major U.S. corporations are steering their charity to women's economic empowerment, from factory workers to women-owned businesses.