Bootstrap funding or venture capital: What’s right for your startup?

Startups require capital to turn a product idea into reality. The question for entrepreneurs is: Should you self-finance or look for formal investors?
Three people planting in garden (USAID)

Meet a woman scientist helping the environment

The November 28–30 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India will shine a spotlight on women entrepreneurs like Sasha Kramer who are changing lives.

Little or no money? Give your business idea a bright future...

How do you launch a business with little or no cash and no access to credit? Try bootstrapping — relying on hard work or personal savings to get started.
Two people sitting on ground, one making utensil (Courtesy of Sofia Cruz del Río Castellanos)

Her startup is preserving Mexico’s culture

Thinking about doing good in your community? Read how this Mexican woman created a startup to help local artisans and preserve her country's culture.
Trees and buildings surrounding the Euro symbol sculpture (© AP Images)

A Silicon Valley for Europe?

While European countries have the manpower, they are falling behind in innovation and research when compared to the U.S. and Asia. What is missing?
Tony Hawk skates off a kitchen counter.

Pro skater Tony Hawk empowers young people around the world

If you see skateboarders in your country, it’s likely that legendary athlete Tony Hawk has had something to do with it. Hawk is more than...

People will pay to see where their food comes from

Farm owners are creating new income by luring tourists willing to pay to spend the morning learning to milk a cow or the afternoon...
Darril Saunders standing in front of sun backdrop (© 2016 Karen Rubin/

Darril Saunders: Chocolate is her passion — and business too

For Darril Saunders, growing cocoa beans wasn't enough. She created and developed a brand of cocoa products and has become a true entrepreneur.

Ask an entrepreneur: How to raise capital

Do you have an idea for a business but need money to get it off the ground? Where should you start? That depends on how...