Person planting tree in dry ground (Courtesy of Komaza)

This entrepreneur grows money on trees

Tevis Howard credits his business success to trees. After graduating from Brown University, Howard visited Kenya. While much of Kenya is arid, drought-prone and inhospitable...

It’s a startup world!

Young entrepreneur Bowei Gai traveled the world in search of business startups. He is eager to share what he learned.
Man and woman standing at flip chart (© Shutterstock)

Women might be especially good at this high-stakes career

If you're an entrepreneur who's good at giving advice and identifying potentially successful startups, you might consider becoming a venture capitalist.
Bar graph of patent applications from non-residents in 2017

Intellectual property: Protecting ideas is good for business

Protecting your ideas is critical in business. That's why the United States has some of the strongest intellectual property protections in the world.
Girls working in a lab (YouTube)video

Helping girls grow up to be engineers [video]

GoldieBlox — toys that combine construction projects and stories of a girl engineer named Goldie — foster spatial skills, and perhaps future engineers.

People will pay to see where their food comes from

Farm owners are creating new income by luring tourists willing to pay to spend the morning learning to milk a cow or the afternoon...

Opportunity knocks for young leaders from the Americas

Are you an entrepreneur or civil society leader in Latin America or the Caribbean? The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative could boost your career.