Opportunity knocks for young leaders from the Americas

Are you an entrepreneur or civil society leader in Latin America or the Caribbean? The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative could boost your career.
Daren Tang in suit, smiling (©WIPO)

Singaporean to lead U.N. intellectual property agency

Daren Tang, from Singapore, was elected to become the new director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Calling young Southeast Asians! Will YOU get to come to the...

http://youtu.be/ZAPMgNs_Dsc Do you live in Southeast Asia? Are you ready to advance your career and make an impact in your country? Then President Obama has...

Ask an entrepreneur: How to raise capital

Do you have an idea for a business but need money to get it off the ground? Where should you start? That depends on how...
Man and woman standing next to each other, smiling (© Ovamba)

U.S. startup finds new way to finance African businesses

Getting a loan can be tough for growing businesses in Cameroon and Côte d'Ivoire. One U.S. company has developed an alternative to traditional bank loans.
Ahmad Ashkar leaning on a table, with Falafel Inc. logo painted on the wall behind him (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

Selling falafel, helping refugees

Ahmad Ashkar sells falafel. He makes money and feeds refugees at the same time. It's a new business model, and it's working.
President Obama and another man looking at a makers' creation (AP Images)

Just make it! How makers are changing everything.

Three secondary school students built a sleek, fuel-efficient sports car. Design engineer Kyle Doerksen developed Onewheel, a self-balancing electric skateboard, and raised over $630,000...
Sculpture on river bank, city skyline in background (© Shutterstock)

From Silicon Valley to the American heartland

American entrepreneurs are on the move. And they are landing in the Midwest in cities like Indianapolis, St. Louis and Omaha.
Diagram of computer converting eye movement into speech (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Could an app help the speechless communicate? This Trinidadian thinks so.

After strokes or head trauma, patients can have difficulty communicating with their caretaker. This entrepreneur is working on an app to give them a voice.