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In Silicon Valley, bright ideas blossom into billion-dollar businesses

It's more than a place that rewards innovation and tolerates failure, where young entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have found success. It's a mindset.
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These successful women have advice for starting your business

Starting a business is tough, and being a female entrepreneur can be even more difficult. These top businesswomen are giving advice for your startup.
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Her startup is preserving Mexico’s culture

Thinking about doing good in your community? Read how this Mexican woman created a startup to help local artisans and preserve her country's culture.
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Women entrepreneurs are changing the face of business in Turkey

Awareness is growing in Turkey about entrepreneurship. There are now networks and incubators to help budding entrepreneurs find mentors and investors.
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From refugee camp to New York City: An entrepreneur’s tale

Born in a Laotian refugee camp in Argentina, Monica Phromsavanh came to the U.S. at age 17 and quickly moved up the ladder in the fashion world.
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Canada’s Trudeau, Ivanka Trump encourage businesswomen

President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs.

Dream of owning a restaurant? Get a truck, and other recipes...

Martin Setiantoko attended culinary school in Malang, Indonesia, and dreamed of opening his own restaurant. When he moved to New York at 24 with only...

Many paths lead to successful business startups

This article is part of Entrepreneurs: The Next Generation, a ShareAmerica series written in simplified English and designed to help you develop your business vocabulary. Click...
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You’ve invented the next big thing. How do you protect it?...

Think you invented the next big thing? Protect your idea and learn more about intellectual property (IP) and your rights.