Open area workspace (IBM Research-Africa)

Technology links U.S. and South African businesses

The IBM Innovation Hub in Johannesburg serves as an example of the growing ties between the United States and South Africa.
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5 tips for starting a business

When you're developing a new project or venture, it's important to consider a range of things, from timing to planning to hiring.
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‘Emprendedor’ just might be the word of the year in Latin...

Are you looking for tips on the changing business climate? Tune in to the YLAI Network on September 7 with Ambassador David Thorne and IBM's Deborah Magid.
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The 7 most tech-savvy countries in the world

Seven countries are getting the biggest bang for their buck in economic and digital innovation, according to a new survey.
Failure can be good for your business (Shutterstock)

Failure can be good for your business

Nobody likes to fail. But when business leaders discuss their successes, they often start by talking about failure. Failure can be a good teacher.
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Entrepreneurship in the U.S.

In an average month in the U.S., 320 out of every 100,000 adults become new entrepreneurs, data shows. Meet a few to see how they did it.
President Obama sitting with Lego statue (White House/Pete Souza)

Changemakers shine at White House’s South by South Lawn

President Obama invited Leonardo DiCaprio, the CEO of an agricultural tech startup and musicians to the White House for SXSL, a festival of changemakers.

Tech entrepreneurs inspire a new generation of Ukrainians

From social apps that teach kids about compassion to initiatives that support IT educational infrastructure, Ukraine's technology sector is thriving.
Mariana Costa Checa standing next to Mark Zuckerberg and Obama (U.S. Embassy Lima)

Her cameo with Obama and Zuckerberg makes a whole country proud...

Mariana Costa Checa of Laboratoria discussed her company in front of cameras with President Obama and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.