Starting a business? Learn the 5 most important things you need...

Entrepreneurs have great ideas, but you need a plan to build your business. Join this Feb. 9 webchat to learn how to prioritize your needs and succeed.
Boneshakered Bigwheel at crowdfunding festival in Florida (AP Images)

Ask the crowd to fund your dream project! (Others might get...

Do you have a great idea for a business, a film or a research project? Are you too broke to make it happen? Crowdfunding...
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Jakarta’s traffic trials give rise to a tech success

The ride-hailing mobile app Go-Jek has seen a surge in use over the past few weeks in congested Jakarta, Indonesia, and has expanded its offerings.
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Thomas Edison protected his bright ideas — all 1,093 of them

Patents protect the ideas and work of inventors and are part of a broad category of legal protection known as intellectual property rights.
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How one community in South Africa gets jobs and electricity [video]

Every community needs jobs and electricity. One company in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, supplies both.
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Economies flourish with more women-owned businesses [video]

The ranks of female entrepreneurs are growing fast for a good reason. A country's GDP jumps when female business owners get the capital and help they need.
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Here’s some unusual advice for entrepreneurs

Worried about the competition? Forget about it. Just come up with a new business product that nobody else has on the market.
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A Silicon Valley for Europe?

While European countries have the manpower, they are falling behind in innovation and research when compared to the U.S. and Asia. What is missing?

Want to knock down the walls holding back your ideas? Then...

Sean Griffin has co-founded more than 20 startup companies, but he is not a believer in the traditional business plan as the all-important first...