Three girls wearing headscarves (Courtesy of Corinna Robbins/Mercy Corps)

Meet 5 U.S.-based groups helping displaced Syrians

Aid for Syrian refugees doesn't just come from the government. These organizations are providing food, medical care, educational tools and hope.
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Remembering the Chernobyl disaster

The U.S. pledges an additional $10 million to help ensure the safety of future generations living in the area affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

U.S. increases aid to Syrians: ‘The greatest humanitarian crisis in a...

otal U.S. humanitarian assistance since the start of the Syrian conflict in March 2011 exceeds $3 billion. The United States remains the single largest donor of humanitarian aid to those affected by Syria crisis.
A white, columned building with people walking by (© AP Images)

Repairing a historic palace in Nepal

The Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation has awarded a grant to help repair the Gaddi Baithak building in Nepal and ensure it can resist earthquakes.
Hands holding homework lit by Soccket (Courtesy Uncharted Play)

Soccer ball by day, reading light by night

Sometimes innovation is about making a simple connection. The Soccket connects 1.3 billion people's need for electricity and the popularity of soccer (or futbol) among children...

U.S. responds to Nepal’s need

U.S. commitment to Nepal earthquake relief is up to nearly $26 million, providing emergency shelter, medical supplies, safe drinking water and sanitation.

The facts: U.S. aid for Nepal’s earthquake

Three weeks after Nepal's devastating earthquake, the United States has contributed more than $27 million, including food and shelter supplies.
Women standing in a line holding their children. (© AP Images)

Want to make the world a safer place? Feed the hungry.

The Feed the Future initiative focuses its efforts on 19 countries to help boost local economies and prevent hunger and malnutrition.
Angelina Jolie Pitt taking notes visiting refugee camp (© AP Images)

Bringing attention to World Refugee Day

Actress and activist Angelina Jolie Pitt urges everyone to understand the size of the current refugee crisis and what it means for the world.