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Investing in Africa without creating debt traps

The U.S. partners with private companies to provide aid around the world for transparent, bottom-up growth and development that supports local communities.
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Displaced Iraqis gain safe havens with U.S. help

A $155 million aid package will provide supplies and educational materials for about 10 million Iraqis needing help.
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One year later: Nepali earthquake recovery moves forward [video]

Rebuilding after a natural disaster can take years — but innovation is pointing the way forward in Nepal 12 months after a huge earthquake.
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What do you think about ‘debt-trap diplomacy’?

Is your country at risk of "debt-trap diplomacy" — predatory loans that lock countries in a cycle of dependency?

U.S. helps rebuild Iraq’s infrastructure [video]

The U.S. continues to help the people of Iraq as Iran plunders its neighbor's natural resources, causing disease, power outages and high unemployment.
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International efforts empower displaced Iraqis

In times of need, the international community provides assistance to displaced people for them to rebuild and maintain a sustainable living.
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5 ways the U.S. supports literacy around the world

Find out how the U.S. is helping to build a literate world where everyone has an equal chance to succeed in life and work.
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Repairing a historic palace in Nepal

The Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation has awarded a grant to help repair the Gaddi Baithak building in Nepal and ensure it can resist earthquakes.
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Helping refugees continue to learn

A new program, Coursera for Refugees, aims to help refugees continue to learn through online courses as they work to resettle.