Astronaut Peggy Whitson in space (NASA)

Still got it! World’s oldest spacewoman sets new record.

Peggy Whitson, the world's most experienced spacewoman, just spacewalked into history with her eighth mission outside the International Space Station.
Man in astronaut suit, holding electric guitar, with arms raised, in front of wall of speakers (@everydayastronaut)

NASA protects astronauts from sound that peels paint off the walls

Engineers simulate the roar of a space launch to test new rockets. NASA's mission to Mars goes through the Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility in Ohio.
Man and puppet (© AP Images)

A Muppet with autism to debut on Sesame Street

Folks on Sesame Street have a way of making everyone feel accepted. That certainly goes for Julia, a Muppet with autism who will make her TV debut April 10.
Illustration of a student holding a passport, visa and credit card (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

Passport? Check. Visa? Check. And now a credit card for international...

International students at U.S. universities are now able to obtain a credit card, thanks to a startup founded by someone who was once without one.
Woman in shadows looking at glowing laptop screen (© AP Images)

How do you know if what you’re seeing online is true?

How can you see past hoaxes? Learn how you can confirm photos and video footage, and fact-check what you see online.
People raising smartphones to capture an SXSW.2017 banner (© Bloomberg via Getty Images)

What’s the big deal about the South by Southwest festival in...

Movie stars, tech moguls and music artists are converging in Austin, Texas, as part of the 2017 South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference and Festivals.
Three children seated on floor, playing ukuleles; other children seated in background (Courtesy of Khan Academy)

No homework or grades at this self-paced school

The founder of the online Khan Academy is reimagining how children are taught in bricks-and-mortar schools.
Oscar statue (© AP Images)

3-D printing gives Oscar statuette a classic look

The symbol of film's highest achievement, golden statuette Oscar, is getting a high-tech makeover for the 2017 Academy Awards.
Virtual statue in front of Lincoln Memorial (State Dept.)video

New app builds monuments to scientific geniuses [video]

A free new augmented reality app unveils the stories of people who changed the worlds of science, technology, engineering and math.