Grace Potter and Sheryl Crow performing onstage (Courtesy of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Inc.)

Everyday conversations: Let’s talk about music! [audio]

This series of Everyday Conversations is about a family traveling to all 50 U.S. states. They go to Cleveland, Ohio, home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Student sitting on mat, writing in chalk on slate tablet (© AP Images)

Boost your brain by learning a new language

Mastering a new language not only can boost your confidence, introduce you to a new culture or land you a job; it also can offer cognitive benefits.
Times Square (Trey Ratcliff)

The invention that lit up the world…on this day

Hundreds gathered on New York City's Pearl Street one afternoon in September 1882 to watch an entire city block come to life. Inside a...
Stalks of wheat in field (@ Guillermo Isidoro Barea Vargas/U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/Alamy)

U.S. and Brazil team up to protect world’s wheat supply

Kansas State University scientists are partnering with Brazilian researchers in finding creative ways to stop wheat blast disease.
Headshot of Kenneth Shinozuka, Google Science Fair participant

This 15-year-old wanted to keep his grandfather safe. What he came...

Science fairs are where young minds break molds and push new ideas out into the world. Kenneth Shinozuka from New York landed a finalist’s place...
People in protective gear surrounding man with open mouth (State Dept.)

U.S. collaborates with international community on COVID-19 [video]

Watch this video to learn how the U.S. private sector, academic community and government partners with countries near and far to collaborate on COVID-19.

What it takes to pay for a U.S. education

Are you wondering how to finance your studies in the U.S.? Bring your questions about scholarships, financial-aid packages, budgets & more to this webchat.
Woman waving from a group of graduates in caps and gowns (AP Images)

Find out how far you can go with a U.S. education

A college education is a huge investment — of money, of time and of effort. Is it worth it? In the United States and the...
Astronaut leaning on one arm while wearing space suit (© AP Images)

Remembering Michael Collins, trailblazing astronaut

Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins, who died April 28, made history during the 1969 moon landing. Learn about his public service legacy.