Coming to the U.S. to study? Don’t get taken by surprise.

Learn how U.S. colleges differ from schools in other countries. Students share their classroom experiences, which can be very different.
People watching as a boy plays a horn (© AP Images)

Everyday conversations: ‘All men are created equal’ [audio]

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is a significant place in American Civil War history. Learn English terms and phrases related to these historical events.
Illustration of fireworks on the National Mall (State Dept./D. Thompson)

A lot of history happened on July 4

On July 4, 1776, America's Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. Do you know about other events in U.S. history that fell on the Fourth?
Woman in mask holding canister (NASA/Courtesy of Gabriela Vidad)

Grounded by pandemic, NASA interns keep researching

NASA interns have collected air pollution data from home during quarantines for COVID-19. See how interns have continued learning while social distancing.
Gloved hand giving an injection (© Ted S. Warren/AP Images)

How vaccines work

Vaccines work by training the immune system to recognize and fight pathogens. Scientists are exploring new approaches for the novel coronavirus.
Illustration of exploration vehicle on moon's surface (© AP Images)

To the moon! Private company cleared for takeoff.

A private company has gotten permission from the U.S. to launch into space and return to the moon. The first of many trips is scheduled for late 2017.
Two jets flying in a dark sky (NASA)

Jets will chase August’s total eclipse [video]

Two NASA WB-57 jets will streak into the darkness of a total solar eclipse in an attempt to unravel mysteries of the sun and the planet Mercury.
President Obama sitting in front of monitors flanked by woman in NASA uniform and man in business suit (© AP Images)

Obama relishes role as ‘nerd in chief’

President Obama makes it cool to be a nerd, whether spending time with students at the White House Science Fair or learning from biomedical scientists.
Global Learning XPrize for education (XPrize)

Will a lot of money bring the best idea on how...

More than 250 million children cannot read, write or do basic math. A newcomer to education, Peter Diamandis, thinks he can solve the problem...