Man in protective clothing spraying another man in protective clothing with blue solution (Laura Stana/IMC)

New tools help fight Ebola

New inventions from the global health startup community, with funding from USAID, are improving care — and outcomes — for Ebola patients in the DRC.
Model spacecraft orbiting carved pumpkin planet (NASA/JPL-Caltech)

NASA scientists carve out-of-this-world pumpkins [video]

NASA scientists used electronics to create high-tech carved pumpkins and compete for a trophy in an annual pumpkin-carving contest for Halloween.

Advice to grads from 2 dropouts and a president

These five commencement speakers did their best to give their graduating audiences one last bit of knowledge to take away from school.

If you want to study in the U.S., this is the... These students from China and Cameroon grew and found their voices while studying at U.S. colleges. If you're thinking of applying to a U.S. college...
Head and shoulders of terra cotta archer (Courtesy of Qin Shihuangdi Mausoleum Site Museum, Lintong)

Age of Empires: Ancient Chinese art at the Met

The "Age of Empires" exhibit in New York features art from the Qin and Han dynasties 2,000 years ago that still influences Chinese society today.
Plate full of barbecue and sides sitting on table (© Radharc Images / Alamy Stock Photo)

Everyday conversations: Let’s eat barbecue [audio]

Tour the U.S. and discover its culinary culture while learning English. Today, we're traveling to Missouri to try barbecue!
Two people in car in a large garage (Dept. of Energy)

This sports car was made by a 3-D printer [video]

Rick Perry, the U.S. Secretary of Energy, test-drove a retro car with a new twist. The Shelby Cobra was 3-D printed at a national laboratory in Tennessee.

Campus life in the USA

The college experience is a time to study and prepare for a career, but also to discover new talents, explore new places and mature....

Nations reaching together for the stars…on this day

Humans have imagined living in space for as long as they have looked up at the stars. Sixteen years ago today, on November 20,...