Crowd of people standing outside and listening (U.S. Embassy Kyiv)

Will Ukraine break a Guinness World Record with an English class?

On May 28, thousands of people in Ukraine aimed for a Guinness World Record by simultaneously participating in an interactive English-language lesson.

Get handy phrases straight from the horse’s mouth

Americans use a variety of expressions about animals to convey ideas creatively and lightheartedly. Here are five common ones.

Learning English? Here’s why you might have a ‘funny feeling’

"Funny feeling" is one of six idiomatic phrases in American English that might be more than just a laughing matter. Check them out.

Better eating — and less waste — through science

Biotechnology can improve crop traits to inhibit browning or bruising. That single change can make the food system more efficient and sustainable.
Rocket launching (© NASA Images)

This might inspire you to find your own launch opportunities

If you are a budding scientist with an unsupportive counselor, “stick to your guns,” Sandra Cauffman says. “This is the 21st century!”
"Google Africa" on T-shirt (© AP Images)

Africa’s first Google coding champ is self-taught

Nji Collins Gbah, a 17-year-old Cameroonian who taught himself to code, is the first African student to win the grand prize in Google’s Code-in competition.
Woman walking down sidewalk on a college campus (Shutterstock)

Everyday conversations: Home of Harvard University (and a lot more!) [audio]

Learn English and take a virtual tour of the U.S.! Today, we're going to Massachusetts to visit Harvard University and the Plymouth Colony.
Young people smiling and posing for camera (Meridian)

Are you a young Latin American with a good idea? Check...

The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative for budding entrepreneurs offers a chance to learn from experts. Hurry — the application deadline is May 27!
Two girls smile for a picture. (Creative Commons)

Everyday conversations for English learners: Informal greetings and farewells

Learning to speak English? Our Everyday Conversations help you practice. Click the audio link to hear a native speaker pronounce each word while you...