Talking the college talk

Student life has a language all its own. If you’re planning to attend an American university, learning the slang might help you adjust faster. “Like...

Everyday conversations: Winter activities [audio]

Practice American English by reading and listening to these real-world everyday conversations. Here, students discuss winter activities
Deux étudiantes assises à une table dans une bibliothèque, des livres et des cahiers ouverts devant elles (Département d’État/D.A. Peterson)

Everyday conversations: Women and education [audio]

Practice American English through these real-world everyday conversations. Here, three students discuss the importance of educating women.
College students in garden reading room (© AP Images)

Reinventing U.S. college libraries for the digital age

Hundreds of schools, from Ivy League universities to community colleges, have remade their libraries as colorful hubs of college life.
Woman in shadows looking at glowing laptop screen (© AP Images)

How do you know if what you’re seeing online is true?

How can you see past hoaxes? Learn how you can confirm photos and video footage, and fact-check what you see online.

Everyday conversations for English learners: At the pet store

Learning to speak English? Our Everyday Conversations help you practice. Click the audio link to hear a native speaker pronounce each word while you...
Man in protective clothing spraying another man in protective clothing with blue solution (Laura Stana/IMC)

New tools help fight Ebola

New inventions from the global health startup community, with funding from USAID, are improving care — and outcomes — for Ebola patients in the DRC.

Studying in the U.S. made her feel ’embraced by this whole...

When Brazil's Amanda Casal Pompeo enrolled at New York University to study corporate law, she wasn’t sure what to expect. Find out what she...

This is why students of cybersecurity come to the U.S.

Hundreds of colleges and universities in the United States offer cybersecurity degrees to meet the needs of this growing international industry.