Two men on horses driving herd of cattle in pasture (© Alexandre Meneghini/AP Images)

U.S. and Brazil partner to tackle global food issues

Animal scientists from the University of São Paulo and Virginia Tech share their research on how to improve animal productivity, reproduction and welfare.

Everyday conversations for English learners: Making money [audio]

Practice American English by reading and listening to these real-world everyday conversations. Today's dialogue is on making money in business.

Learning English? Here’s why you might have a ‘funny feeling’

"Funny feeling" is one of six idiomatic phrases in American English that might be more than just a laughing matter. Check them out.

Keep it all in perspective with an interdisciplinary major

More students are undertaking interdisciplinary majors, which draw on coursework from more than one academic department.
Farmer and tractor (© AP Images)

How NASA helped launch self-driving tractors

Automated tractors are already harvesting a huge portion of the world's food supply, thanks to a partnership between NASA and manufacturer John Deere.
Images of Taj Majal and Statue of Liberty

Pompeo calls India and U.S. natural partners

Leaders of the world's two largest democracies will meet June 25–27, when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visits New Delhi.

Going to study in the U.S.? Here’s a conversation you won’t...

If you’re an LGBTI student coming to the U.S., you'll want to know where to find friends and resources to make your experience as memorable as possible.
People walking quickly through an airport terminal (Shutterstock)

Everyday conversations: Getting a tourist visa [audio]

Interested in learning English and visiting the U.S.? Practice your language skills with these phrases focused on getting a tourist visa.
یک مربی به یک بازیکن بسکتبال کمک می کند. (عکس از آسوشیتدپرس)

Prepare for a sports career at a U.S. college

Do you love sports? Whether you are an athlete or not, you might thrive working in a sports-related field.