Everyday conversations: Winter activities [audio]

Practice American English by reading and listening to these real-world everyday conversations. Here, students discuss winter activities

What I did with my summer vacation …

Five students from American University in Washington share what they chose to do during the summer of 2015, between semesters.
Smart glasses (Dan Hixson/University of Utah College of Engineering)

A new way of seeing?

University of Utah researchers have created “smart glasses” that automatically adjust the focus on what a person is seeing, whether far away or close.
Students at graduation ceremony (© AP Images)

Can you afford a U.S. education? International students get financial aid...

On January 21 at 6 a.m. EST (11:00 UTC), join a live global webchat about how to finance your studies in the United States....
Telescope in front of city skyline (NASA)

Will NASA’s newest telescope find the first light of the universe?

Scientists hope two NASA space telescopes will tell us more about the origins of the universe and the search for life in the cosmos.
People watching as a boy plays a horn (© AP Images)

Everyday conversations: ‘All men are created equal’ [audio]

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is a significant place in American Civil War history. Learn English terms and phrases related to these historical events.
Botanical garden (University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens)

Promising flower fertilizer comes from a surprising source

Gross or great: a toilet that transforms human urine into fertilizer for flowers? Read about that and more ideas for improving the toilet.

Do you have questions on student visas? Get answers.

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