Teenage girls and a woman sitting and smiling at someone on a stage (Aziza Ibragimova/Almaty Maker Space)

Their coding can change the world [video]

International Day of the Girl celebrates the achievements of young women on October 11. Meet a team of Kazakhstani coders who designed a winning safety app.
Dwarf galaxy in outer space (© NASA/ESA Hubble)

Here’s a free poster for World Space Week

In honor of World Space Week, which runs from October 4–10, download this free poster and dream of exploring new worlds in space.
Earth rising over lunar horizon (NASA)

World Space Week 2017 celebrates exploration [video]

Cities around the world host thousands of events October 4–10 for World Space Week 2017. Get excited for "exploring new worlds in space."
Screenshot of Nobel Prize announcement with illustration of three winners (Nobelprize.org)

U.S. scientists win Nobel Prize for ‘internal clock’ research

Three U.S. scientists who have made important discoveries about the circadian clock have been awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine.
Person in surgical mask and lab coat working with equipment (© Ariana Lindquist/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

From humble beginnings to a center of medical excellence

Minnesota is known for the renowned Mayo Clinic. But it is also a hub of medical activity, and the base for innovators and pioneers in the field.
Illustration of computer wrapped in chains and hand extending from screen (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Ransomware is on the rise. Protect yourself. [video]

Cyber hijacks of computer systems hold data hostage, harming businesses and individuals. You probably won't get your data back. Here's the latest advice.
Satellite image of hurricanes (NOAA via AP Images)

When disaster strikes, space agencies share forecasts

Satellites have helped forecast and respond to disasters around the world. U.S. and international space agencies promote open data to save lives.
Saturn (NASA/JPL)

After epic mission, Cassini takes final plunge into Saturn [video]

NASA's Cassini space probe will cap off two decades of discovery in a blaze of glory, breaking up over the sky of Saturn like a meteor.
Two people in car in a large garage (Dept. of Energy)

This sports car was made by a 3-D printer [video]

Rick Perry, the U.S. Secretary of Energy, test-drove a retro car with a new twist. The Shelby Cobra was 3-D printed at a national laboratory in Tennessee.