Two people looking at artificial human head (© AP Images)

Soon you might print a solution to a disaster

When a large-scale disaster happens, recovery could involve pressing “print” for food, replacement skin, maps and building material.
Wax likeness of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow character (© Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage/Getty Images)

Pirates in movies are fun, but movie piracy hurts

Movie piracy doesn't just hurt wealthy movie studios. It robs workers of their pay and hurts economies. The Trump administration aims to stop such piracy.

U.S. universities top latest worldwide patent count

With heavy investments in research, U.S. universities are outpacing their international counterparts in receiving U.S. patents for new inventions.

Who’s watching you online? 5 ways to prevent cybercrime. [video]

A wave of cyberattacks recently has everyone wondering how to protect themselves online. Find out what you can do.
Students watching robots (Courtesy of PARC)

Getting youth engaged in STEM education and Africa’s future

Events like the Pan-African Robotics Competition in Senegal are encouraging more African youths to study science, technology, engineering and math.
College students in garden reading room (© AP Images)

Reinventing U.S. college libraries for the digital age

Hundreds of schools, from Ivy League universities to community colleges, have remade their libraries as colorful hubs of college life.
Aerial view of island that has energy grid (Courtesy of NantEnergy)

The future of battery technology is in the air

Batteries from the U.S. that rely on zinc and air may be the future of renewable energy. Eight countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas are using them.
Girls smiling in a classroom (Courtesy of Youth for Technology Foundation)

Nigerian girls to get 3-D training

Some 6,000 Nigerian girls will get training in 3-D printing, business skills, literacy and more to help them find apprenticeships or start businesses.

A scientist, a $3 million prize and Cameron Diaz

Did you hear the one about the scientist who got a $3 million award from Cameron Diaz? For a select group of life scientists, physicists...