Five great green macaws (© AP Images)

Saving wild animals at Zoohackathon

Endangered animals may get some protection thanks to new apps developed at the second annual Zoohackathon, co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.
Spanish-style buildings facing basketball court (Guardtop LLC)

U.S. is on the road to solving an urban environmental problem

Los Angeles and other U.S. cities are covering their asphalt roads with a coating that prevents the blacktop from absorbing and radiating the sun's heat.

Pluto: Ready for its close-up

The New Horizons spacecraft approaches Pluto, offering humans their first close-up view of a solar system outpost, after a 10-year journey.
Moon, rocket and water (NASA)

University team plans water-powered trip to the moon

A Cornell University team aims to place a satellite powered by water into orbit around the moon in just over a year. Water could fuel space exploration.

Space technology finds down-to-earth application in Nepal

After the 7.8 earthquake rocked Nepal, the United States sent two of NASA's FINDER prototypes for use in search and rescue efforts. They rescued four men.
President Obama sitting in front of monitors flanked by woman in NASA uniform and man in business suit (© AP Images)

Obama relishes role as ‘nerd in chief’

President Obama makes it cool to be a nerd, whether spending time with students at the White House Science Fair or learning from biomedical scientists.

The town that runs on Twitter

Since 2011, Twitter has been the official means of communication between Spanish mayor José Antonio Rodríguez Salas and the townspeople.
Robot (© AP Images)

Students start tinkering with NASA’s latest Mars robots

A 6-foot, 300-pound humanoid robot named Val may make some of the first footprints on Mars, with a little help from university students.
Two jets flying in a dark sky (NASA)

Jets will chase August’s total eclipse [video]

Two NASA WB-57 jets will streak into the darkness of a total solar eclipse in an attempt to unravel mysteries of the sun and the planet Mercury.