A scientist, a $3 million prize and Cameron Diaz

Did you hear the one about the scientist who got a $3 million award from Cameron Diaz? For a select group of life scientists, physicists...

Innovators showcase the future at this event

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Better eating — and less waste — through science

Biotechnology can improve crop traits to inhibit browning or bruising. That single change can make the food system more efficient and sustainable.

How the U.S. lowers its energy bill

This infographic shows the different ways the United States is making more and using less energy.
Smiling girl sitting in classroom (Courtesy of the Valley Catholic)

Teen’s ‘breathtaking’ device makes science fair history

Her low-cost device can diagnose five lung diseases and won her school a scholarship. See what's behind her design and ahead for this inventor's future.
Girl playing violin with prosthetic arm (© AP Images)

College students build a prosthetic arm for a young violinist

Bioengineering students make a prosthetic arm for a 10-year-old girl, born without a complete left arm, who longed to play the violin.