Two people looking at artificial human head (© AP Images)

Soon you might print a solution to a disaster

When a large-scale disaster happens, recovery could involve pressing “print” for food, replacement skin, maps and building material.
Times Square (Trey Ratcliff)

The invention that lit up the world…on this day

Hundreds gathered on New York City's Pearl Street one afternoon in September 1882 to watch an entire city block come to life. Inside a...
Satellite image of city near river (Courtesy of Sarah Parcak)

Will you help find the next lost city?

A self-described "space archaeologist," Sarah Parcak combines smartphone tech and satellite images to discover ancient settlements, and she needs your help.
Satya Nadella and two children looking at computer screen (© AP Images)

Students gather in U.S., abroad to learn coding [video]

Efforts to teach students how to write code for computer programs are spanning the globe.
People raising smartphones to capture an SXSW.2017 banner (© Bloomberg via Getty Images)

What’s the big deal about the South by Southwest festival in...

Movie stars, tech moguls and music artists are converging in Austin, Texas, as part of the 2017 South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference and Festivals.
Rio 2016 Olympic gold medal on ribbon (© AP Images)

You’ll never guess what’s in these stunning Olympic medals [video]

Athletes from around the world will be vying for Olympic and Paralympic medals during this year's games in Rio. But these medals have some special details.
Hands holding a phone displaying the White House and dollar bill on the table (White House)

Got a dollar? Take a virtual tour of the White House.

With a phone and a dollar bill, you can explore the residence of the presidents in 1600, an augmented reality app, available for Apple and Android.
Katherine Johnson at desk (NASA)

Before computers, she calculated NASA’s greatest achievements

Katherine Johnson's brilliant mathematical mind took her from small-town West Virginia to NASA, where she helped land a man on the moon without a computer.
Farmer and tractor (© AP Images)

How NASA helped launch self-driving tractors

Automated tractors are already harvesting a huge portion of the world's food supply, thanks to a partnership between NASA and manufacturer John Deere.