Digitized Iranian flag over laptop keyboard (© Aleksandar Malivuk/Shutterstock)

U.S. companies disrupt Iranian disinformation campaign

Hundreds of deceptive Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts falsely claim to be independent news agencies, but are really tied to Iranian state media.
Woman standing in the doorway of a hut filled with maize (© AP Images)

New maize seeds could be ‘game-changer’ in Africa

A new, drought-resistant type of maize seed could prevent hunger in parts of Africa and may be ready as early as the next planting season.
Moon, rocket and water (NASA)

University team plans water-powered trip to the moon

A Cornell University team aims to place a satellite powered by water into orbit around the moon in just over a year. Water could fuel space exploration.
Drawing of spacecraft over metal asteroid (NASA)

NASA goes heavy metal with visit to iron-rich asteroid

A NASA spacecraft is set to explore a large metal asteroid, 16 Psyche, that may be a remnant of a planet from billions of years ago.
Colorized microscope image showing cells (© Janice Haney Carr/CDC/Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia)

New U.S. sickle cell drug brings hope

U.S. regulators have approved a California company’s new therapy for treating sickle cell disease, a painful and life-threatening inherited blood disorder.
Harvard University campus (© AP Images)

Harvard beats its own environmental goal

Harvard has met a 2008 target to reduce campus greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent in 2016 and is now looking to set new climate goals.
Graphic about steps universities take to protect sensitive research (AAU)

How universities protect sensitive research [infographic]

Universities around the world are taking steps to protect their sensitive research from attempts by the Chinese Communist Party or others to steal it.
Rocket lifting off of launch pad (Courtesy of Jeff Spotts/United Launch Alliance)

U.S. launches space plane on scientific mission

The U.S. has successfully launched the X-37B space plane into orbit. Learn more about the space plane's mission and the scientific research it is enabling.
Children on a tire swing (© AP Images)

Riding on biodegradable rubber tires?

Researchers are testing a way to create a more eco-friendly rubber that could replace the 1 billion tires that are used each year.