Drawing of spacecraft over metal asteroid (NASA)

NASA goes heavy metal with visit to iron-rich asteroid

A NASA spacecraft is set to explore a large metal asteroid, 16 Psyche, that may be a remnant of a planet from billions of years ago.
Rocket lifting off of launch pad (Courtesy of Jeff Spotts/United Launch Alliance)

U.S. launches space plane on scientific mission

The U.S. has successfully launched the X-37B space plane into orbit. Learn more about the space plane's mission and the scientific research it is enabling.
Harvard University campus (© AP Images)

Harvard beats its own environmental goal

Harvard has met a 2008 target to reduce campus greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent in 2016 and is now looking to set new climate goals.
Children on a tire swing (© AP Images)

Riding on biodegradable rubber tires?

Researchers are testing a way to create a more eco-friendly rubber that could replace the 1 billion tires that are used each year.
Drone dropping box attached to parachute (© Zipline)

How drones are making history and saving lives

Millions of people around the world lack adequate access to essential medical products. Companies in the U.S. and other places are working to change that.
Group of people standing outdoors for photo (Courtesy of Launch)

Magnificent 77 to the rescue!

Can 77 science-based business ventures save the world? These businesses worked with an organization called Launch to do just that.
Woman standing behind fence wearing a mask (© Ariana Cubillos/AP Images)

Guaidó leads on Venezuela’s COVID-19 response

While the former Maduro regime lies to Venezuelans about COVID-19, interim President Juan Guaidó and the National Assembly are saving lives.
Image of digitally scanned fish (© AP Images)

His mission is to scan every fish species

At University of Washington's marine lab, 500 species of fish have been scanned so far. The scans are available for free on the Open Science Framework.
Health worker administering vaccine (© Olivia Acland/Reuters)

U.S. researchers look for long-lasting Ebola vaccine

U.S. researchers are testing two new Ebola vaccines in a clinical trial, hoping to offer long-lasting immunity against deadly strains of the Ebola virus.