Electric car plugged into charging station (© AP Images)

Electric cars could dominate some city roads sooner than you think

Falling costs for the technology powering electric cars and stricter emissions regulation are among the reasons electric vehicles are becoming more popular.
Chris Cassidy in International Space Station; view of Earth through windows (NASA)

A top astronaut shares advice on getting to space

NASA's chief astronaut, Chris Cassidy, traveled to Brazil to share stories about space exploration with kids from Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro's largest favela.
Illustration of Google doodle featuring search instruments (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

What do people search for? Google tells us.

What do people most want to know when they search the internet? According to Google's rankings, Pokémon Go was the most popular search term in 2016.
The Milky Way galaxy (Anne Dirkse)

Where can you see the Milky Way at night?

The Milky Way may be lost to many humans now because of light pollution, but there are people working to bring it back for future generations.
Illustration of blue objects orbiting and creating waves (R. Hurt/Caltech-JPL)

Discovery of gravitational waves named top breakthrough of 2016 [video]

Science magazine has named the discovery of gravitational waves as the top scientific breakthrough of 2016.
Driverless shuttle (© AP Images)

Las Vegas and Paris experiment with driverless cars

More cities across the world are experimenting with driverless vehicles on public streets. Las Vegas and Paris plan to deploy some later in 2017.
Artist's conception of planet's surface with setting sun (NASA)

Are we alone? Scientists discover 7 new planets.

NASA has found seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a nearby star, offering tantalizing clues about the search for life elsewhere in the universe.
A satellite view of the Nile River at night (© AP Images)

Fighting poverty from space

Can technology help eradicate poverty? Satellite images and artificial intelligence could provide data to governments on where help is needed most.

Astronaut shares spectacular views from a year in space

Scott Kelly, the commander of the International Space Station, has captured some amazing views of cities and scenery, unavailable to the earthbound.