'5G' as a logo superimposed on blurry image of people (© Manu Fernandez/AP Images)

Countries agree on 5G security in Prague

As countries are starting to build 5G ultra-fast telecom networks, they came together in Prague to develop security standards to protect these networks.
Corn kernels in a glass container in front of corn stalks (© Daniel Acker/Bloomberg/Getty Images)

Tools of modern science help farmers feed a hungry world

Scientists agree genetically engineered foods are safe to eat and help feed a growing world. Learn more about them.
Lash Laker looking through ring of seed-studded cardboard (AP Images)

Help the world. Invest in young scientists.

Investing in STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) pays big dividends for everyone. If you don’t believe it, read about these amazing inventions...

Innovators showcase the future at this event

Where can you find virtual-reality gadgets, 3-D printers and robots under the same roof? The International Consumer Electronics Show, an annual gathering in Las...
Green aurora stretched over Earth as seen from space (NASA)

‘Earth at Night’: Amazing photos from NASA

Check out NASA's latest e-book that shows how the Earth looks at night. Other NASA e-books focus on aeronautics and the history of space exploration.
Illustration of Google doodle featuring search instruments (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

What do people search for? Google tells us.

What do people most want to know when they search the internet? According to Google's rankings, Pokémon Go was the most popular search term in 2016.
President Obama and others looking at computer screen (AP Images)

Lo and behold, the invention that changed everything…on this day

1969 was a year of breakthroughs in science and technology. Everyone knew it was a major happening when man landed on the moon, and...
Gloved hand holding rectangular object (© Victor J. Blue/The New York Times/Redux)

U.S. and French colleagues work together on COVID-19 cure

After a Fulbright scholarship in 2015, two virologists became friends and colleagues. Five years later, they're on the front lines of fighting coronavirus.
Rio 2016 Olympic gold medal on ribbon (© AP Images)

You’ll never guess what’s in these stunning Olympic medals [video]

Athletes from around the world will be vying for Olympic and Paralympic medals during this year's games in Rio. But these medals have some special details.