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These 5 fields attract most international students to U.S. schools

International Education Week celebrates students who attend college someplace other than in their home countries. Their curiosity is building a more democratic, secure and prosperous...

Business schools bridge classrooms and real-life work

A growing number of U.S. business schools today offer a combination of instruction and learning that is hands-on, entrepreneurial and global.
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Chinese students welcome at U.S. schools

The U.S. values Chinese exchange students in its schools and affords them numerous ways to participate in their new communities.

Coming to the U.S. to study? Don’t get taken by surprise.

Learn how U.S. colleges differ from schools in other countries. Students share their classroom experiences, which can be very different.
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Expanding horizons for Central and South American students

The United States is helping students in Latin America become community leaders. Learn more about the College Horizons Outreach Program.

Student exchange alumni join an elite group

People who have participated in exchange programs at U.S. colleges often go on to do amazing things. Their talents, combined with their early international...
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How the U.S. protects academic freedom

Academic freedom — the ability to study, learn, collaborate and publish freely — is essential to research and innovation, and it must be protected.
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Her improbable dream led to NASA

Learn how watching American astronaut Neil Armstrong's 1969 landing on the moon inspired a 7-year-old Costa Rican girl to pursue a career at NASA.

Come study in the U.S., and learn to play football with...

On most U.S. college campuses, fall Saturdays are game days. Outside the football stadium, students, local residents and alumni "tailgate," or barbecue food and...