Two students inspecting 3-D object they made from printers (Johnny Andrews/UNC-Chapel Hill)

These students can manufacture in their dorms

Students are using 3-D printers in "makerspaces," where they turn innovative ideas into reality. At one U.S. university, the space is in a dormitory.
Portrait of a smiling man (State Dept./David A. Peterson)

U.S. universities a proving ground for future diplomats

Meet two young people who hope to become diplomats one day. They believe studying in the U.S. will help them to achieve their goals.
Group of international students walking (AP Images)

You can’t learn it all in a classroom. These students share...

No matter how well you’ve prepared to study in the U.S., some things about American universities and culture will probably come as a surprise....

Create your own education International students who come to study in the U.S. are surprised at how U.S. classes differ from those in many other countries. Students express...

Business schools bridge classrooms and real-life work

A growing number of U.S. business schools today offer a combination of instruction and learning that is hands-on, entrepreneurial and global.

What do Emma Watson, King Abdullah II and Penelope Cruz have...

Celebrities and International students share memorable learning experiences while studying in the U.S.

Student exchange alumni join an elite group

People who have participated in exchange programs at U.S. colleges often go on to do amazing things. Their talents, combined with their early international...
Man wearing three medals of math symbols (Doug Thompson/State Dept.)

Team USA solves for victory at international math competition

For the third time in four years, Team USA ranked first in the International Mathematical Olympiad, the standard for excellence in youth mathematics.
Astronaut and lunar module on the moon (NASA)

From NASA to Star Trek: One scientist’s space odyssey

Egyptian-American geologist Farouk El-Baz has had a diverse career, from serving as a science adviser to Anwar Sadat to training U.S. astronauts.