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U.S. universities attract more than 1 million international students

More than 1 million students from around the world attend a college or university in the U.S. Find out what they're studying and where.
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The résumés of these world leaders include U.S. degrees

What does the future hold for the 1.1 million international students now at U.S. universities? Anything's possible, including leading their countries.
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In 5 winning photos, these students capture their U.S. experience

Students studying in the U.S. from abroad captured their experiences, personalities and friendships for a photo contest, Here are the winners.
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International actresses find their place on American TV, movie sets

Saudi-American Ahd Kamel and Kenyan-Mexican Lupita Nyong’o are among the international actresses who have found success in American television or cinema.

If you want to study in the U.S., this is the... These students from China and Cameroon grew and found their voices while studying at U.S. colleges. If you're thinking of applying to a U.S. college...
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Your home away from home: Choosing a dorm that’s right for...

International Education Week celebrates students who attend college someplace other than in their home countries. Their curiosity is building a more democratic, secure and prosperous...

Come study in the U.S., and learn to play football with...

On most U.S. college campuses, fall Saturdays are game days. Outside the football stadium, students, local residents and alumni "tailgate," or barbecue food and...
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At U.S. colleges, African students shape their future

As the number of students in sub-Saharan Africa seeking university degrees continues to rise, more students look to the United States for a college experience.

Your life at a U.S. college: It’s not just books

Wondering what you can do once you get into college? Here are some fun activities to do outside of class.