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U.S. dominates global university rankings

Seven U.S. universities — with two tied for 10th place — made the top 10 in a new global ranking of universities. Another 54 made the top 200.

An insider’s tips for studying in the U.S.

Your bags are packed, tickets and passport in hand. You've brushed up on your  English. It's time to join the 1 million students who study in America each...
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U.S. community colleges offer a unique path to success in higher...

International Education Week celebrates students who attend college outside their home countries and in the process help build a more democratic, secure and prosperous world. This...
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A consortium helps Syrian college students finish school, rebuild their lives

Universities in North America and Europe in the Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis have given scholarships to more than 300 Syrian students.
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Rihanna may have a scholarship for you

Rihanna announces a scholarship program for students in the Caribbean to earn a bachelor's degree in the U.S. Will you apply?
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Meet 6 world leaders with one thing in common

The Fulbright is the flagship international educational exchange program of the U.S. government. These six Fulbright alumni went on to lead their countries.

Come study in the U.S., and learn to play football with...

On most U.S. college campuses, fall Saturdays are game days. Outside the football stadium, students, local residents and alumni "tailgate," or barbecue food and...
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In 5 winning photos, these students capture their U.S. experience

Students studying in the U.S. from abroad captured their experiences, personalities and friendships for a photo contest, Here are the winners.
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The welcome mat is out at U.S. campuses for students from...

Students from Arabian Gulf states are thriving at American colleges and universities. See what some have to say about studying in the U.S.