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Wanted: African leaders for a 6-week fellowship

The Mandela Washington Fellowship is looking for up to 700 African leaders for a six-week academic and networking opportunity in the United States.

Business schools bridge classrooms and real-life work

A growing number of U.S. business schools today offer a combination of instruction and learning that is hands-on, entrepreneurial and global.

Student exchange alumni join an elite group

People who have participated in exchange programs at U.S. colleges often go on to do amazing things. Their talents, combined with their early international...

Where the wild students are

Many U.S. colleges have extracurricular clubs that offer wilderness experiences or have courses involving field research in the natural sciences.

Some colleges offer street cred*

U.S. universities in urban areas offer the advantages of city living and the diversity that draws many international students.
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Find out here how to get a student visa to the...

Nearly 1 million international students attend college in the U.S., and they all started by getting a student visa. Learn how at this webchat on April 19.

Create your own education International students who come to study in the U.S. are surprised at how U.S. classes differ from those in many other countries. Students express...

Applying to U.S. schools? Get good advice, online and off.

So you’ve decided you’d like to study in the United States. Congratulations! You’ll need to prepare, and a great place to start is EducationUSA’s Online...

Do you have questions on student visas? Get answers.

Do you have questions about student visas? What about studying in the U.S.? Join our live webchat with EducationUSA's Heidi Arola and get answers!