Man carrying net through newly grown mangrove forest (© Interface)

Recycling castaway fishing nets into skateboards and carpets

American companies are recycling nylon from tons of nets collected in fishing villages along Chile’s Pacific coast and in the Philippines.
Man wearing soccer uniform falling backward into water (Courtesy of Adidas)

Soccer teams take the field wearing ocean trash

What can be done about ocean trash? We can turn it into clothing, for starters. See how these soccer teams take recycling to a new level.
Large group of penguins sitting on ice (Thinkstock)

The world’s largest marine reserve in Antarctica will protect these animals

The world's largest marine reserve in Antarctica will cover 1.55 million square kilometers of ocean and protect many different species.
Whale's tail coming out of water (Courtesy of Ocean Alliance)

Take flight with SnotBot for a new view of whales [video]

A drone has been modified to fly through whale breath, collecting a trove of data on whale health — DNA, hormones, bacteria and other chemicals.
Image of satellite in orbit over the sea (Spire)

This tiny satellite can haul in illegal fishing fleets

Indonesia has a new tool to spot illegal fishing boats. It’s about the size of a shoebox and weighs only 4.5 kilograms.
SecrJohn Kerry speaking at lectern, large Our Ocean sign in background (State Dept.)

Where are the new marine protected areas?

The world just got 40 new marine protected areas covering 4 million square kilometers to protect the ocean from overfishing and pollution.
Leonardo DiCaprio standing in front of fish banner backdrop (© AP Images)

Leonardo DiCaprio unveils new, free tech to protect fish

Actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio has launched Global Fishing Watch, which teams up with tech giants to use satellites for spotting illegal fishing.
Fish swimming over a patch of bleached coral in Hawaii (© AP Images)

Here’s how Hawaii hopes to battle coral bleaching

Global warming is causing Hawaii's coral reefs to bleach. State officials look to the advice of scientists and NGOs for the most effective solution.
Yellow urchins clinging to coral in dark water (© AP Images)

Obama creates 1st marine national monument in Atlantic

The new national monument will preserve nearly 13,000 square kilometers of marine area from fishing, drilling and mining in an effort to protect #OurOcean.