Algeria and the United States partner against violent extremism

At the Strategic Dialogue between the U.S. and Algeria, the two nations discuss strategies and their commitment to fight terrorism and violent extremism.
People washing hands in front of crowd of students (© AP Images)

Mom told you to wash your hands. She was right.

It’s one of the first things mothers teach children: Wash your hands with soap and water. But most of us are not doing it right, according to experts.
Ocean wave and sunset (©

Love the ocean? The world needs your story at #1KOceanActions

What do you do to help protect our ocean? Whether it's cleaning up a beach, helping collect data, or campaigning, share your story at #1KOceanActions.

Big Brown goes green, wins big

Let’s say it’s your job to deliver about 17 million packages. Every day. In 220 countries. Have you really got time to worry about...
Barack Obama, right, listening to Narendra Modi in the Oval Office of the White House (© AP Images)

Obama and Modi: Partners in climate

Since their meeting in 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Obama have partnered on clean energy, climate and more.
African Union soldier wearing green beret, carrying grenade launcher (© AP Images)

How the African Union-U.S. partnership is making a difference

The United States strongly supports the African Union's efforts to provide rapid-response peacekeeping, prevent ethnic violence and counter terrorism.
Three men connecting marsh grass (© AP Images)

Louisiana community faces rising waters of climate change

Residents of Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana,are working together to reduce the effects of rising sea levels as a result of climate change.
Men on street, Stop Ebola T-shirts

Ebola in West Africa: The goal is zero

The yearlong international health response to combat Ebola has sharply reduced the rate of infection. Pushing case numbers to zero is still the goal.
President Trump and Malcom Turnbull seated and shaking hands (© AP Images)

Why did Trump and Turnbull meet on an aircraft carrier?

President Trump emphasized “the enduring bonds, deep friendship and close alliance" between the U.S. and Australia with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.