Holocaust Museum, with projected images (© AP Images)

Holocaust Museum teaches warning signs of genocide

Museums are designed to educate their visitors. The Holocaust Museum teaches its visitors to recognize early warning signs of genocide.
Soldiers walking away from a helicopter (Sgt. Lucas Hopkins/USMC)

President Trump lays out new strategy for Afghanistan

President Trump and Secretary Tillerson made August 21 remarks about U.S. engagement in Afghanistan and South Asia. Here are shareable quotes.
People walking and sitting in an office building (Courtesy of MATTER)

In health care, Goliaths look to startups for ideas

Pharmaceutical companies invest in startups in the search for new drugs because, according to an industry expert, “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Detective work can stop Ebola in its tracks

The greatest challenge to isolating and treating everyone with Ebola by the end of the year? Tracking them down, says Bruce Aylward, an emergencies...
Two schoolgirls smiling.

How to get better grades for less than $1

The apparent solution to poor education? Give students the textbooks and other school supplies they need. But it wasn’t that simple for Michael Kremer,...
Fitness trackers on an arm (© AP Images)

Catching a cold? Check your tech.

Fitness devices that track the number of steps a person takes could soon routinely do a lot more to monitor people's health.
Jupiter and three moons (© AP Images)

Let NASA know what you want to see on Jupiter

NASA is seeking suggestions for what its solar-powered spacecraft should photograph on Jupiter. Visit JunoCam's website to participate in the mission.
People walking down red carpeted tarmac (© AP Images)video

The U.S. and Saudi Arabia: Decades of partnership [video]

President Trump begins his first international trip as president with a visit to Saudi Arabia and reaffirms the two countries' strong partnership.
Boy sitting in one of three chairs while others swim in Dead Sea (© AP Images)

U.S. brokers water pact between Israel and the Palestinian Authority

Israel will sell freshwater to Gaza and the West Bank as part of a recent agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.