Whale's tail coming out of water (Courtesy of Ocean Alliance)

Take flight with SnotBot for a new view of whales [video]

A drone has been modified to fly through whale breath, collecting a trove of data on whale health — DNA, hormones, bacteria and other chemicals.
Looking up side of skyscraper (Courtesy of SHoP Architects PC)

Future skyscrapers might be made of wood

Recent innovations in timber technology, especially “cross-laminated” timber, could change the way tomorrow’s skyscrapers are built.
Woman standing at bus station covering her face with scarf (© AP Images)

Is your air safe to breathe?

Air pollutants take a toll on your health. A new development that provides real-time air-quality data shows how safe the air around you is.
Bees swarming around each other (© AP Images)

What’s the buzz on saving honeybees? [video]

Plant pollination, from bees and other animals, is an important part of agriculture and food production. Learn what you can do to keep bees healthy.
Snow leopard with triplets (© Animal Press/Barcroft Images/Getty Images)

October 23 is International Snow Leopard Day

On October 23, International Snow Leopard Day we celebrate the endangered mountain feline, whose health reflects the health of important ecosystems.
A bee gathers pollen in a sunflower field

Photo of the day: Big trouble brewing with bees

Bees are an important part of our ecosystem. In addition to making honey, they play a critical role in agriculture and food production by...

Now is the time for a global climate solution [video]

The effects of climate change are felt everywhere, and it's time for a global solution, says Secretary of State John Kerry.
Dolphins swimming among a school of sardines in the ocean (© Getty Images/Dmitry Miroshnikov)

Our Ocean 2016

Join world leaders as they discuss ways to protect our ocean for the future of the world during the #OurOcean conference.
President Trump speaking at lectern with person seated above and behind him (© AP Images)

President Trump: ‘Now is the time for strength’

President Donald J. Trump had sharp words for North Korea during a speech in South Korea on November 7: "Do not underestimate us. And do not try us."