Two schoolgirls smiling.

How to get better grades for less than $1

The apparent solution to poor education? Give students the textbooks and other school supplies they need. But it wasn’t that simple for Michael Kremer,...
Tiger shark with mouth open (Shutterstock)

Not in our soup: U.S. businesses embrace sustainable fishing

High-profile U.S. companies are taking action to save marine life because bad fishing practices are harming ocean resources.
Large Israeli and U.S. flags hanging from building (State Dept.)video

Reflections on the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel...

Experience the excitement of the dedication ceremony for the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel — one piece of the historic partnership between the United States and Israel.
People in business clothes sitting in a row (D.A. Peterson/State Dept.)

Africa’s future leaders head home

Young leaders from sub-Saharan Africa’s 49 countries are returning home with clearer visions, revived purpose, and stronger networks after a summer as Mandela Washington Fellows.
Trailers blocking a bridge (© Fernando Llano/AP Images)

U.S. sanctions Venezuelan officials for blocking aid

Six officials linked to former Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro are being sanctioned by the U.S. for blocking humanitarian aid to needy Venezuelans.

Algeria and the United States partner against violent extremism

At the Strategic Dialogue between the U.S. and Algeria, the two nations discuss strategies and their commitment to fight terrorism and violent extremism.

A White House meeting to keep communities safe

Government officials and representatives from nongovernmental organizations from around the world will gather at the White House February 18 and 19. Their task: devise...
Destiny Watford standing near Baltimore harbor with smoke pluming from industrial buildings in the background (Courtesy of Goldman Environmental Prize)

‘Shy’ teen found her voice to fight pollution

Do you think good health is a human right? Destiny Watford does, which is why she fought plans to build a massive trash incinerator in her neighborhood.
Frog poking its head out from clump of Azolla ferns (Nigel Cattlin/Alamy Stock Photo)

Can this tiny fern save the world — again?

Scientists are trying to learn more about Azolla, a plant that might help reduce man-made climate change — but there are some challenges.