Spanish-style buildings facing basketball court (Guardtop LLC)

U.S. is on the road to solving an urban environmental problem

Los Angeles and other U.S. cities are covering their asphalt roads with a coating that prevents the blacktop from absorbing and radiating the sun's heat.

Plant, nurture, celebrate trees

U.S. tree lovers observe Arbor Day in April, as a private foundation plants more than 5 million trees in 2015 to help clean the air and beautify the Earth.
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Shareable photos of President Trump at the U.N. General Assembly

Here are shareable photos of President Trump at the 72nd United Nations General Assembly, where he committed to the U.N.'s original pillars of peace.
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U.S. designates North Korea ‘state sponsor of terrorism’

President Trump declared North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism on November 20. The U.S. will levy the largest sanctions ever against North Korea.
Woman holding a plant and stick (Roy Kaltschmidt/Berkeley Lab)

Turning plants into fuel

Four U.S. research centers are developing technologies that can turn certain plants — such as switchgrass, poplar or sorghum — into biofuels.
Sunset over lake (USAID)

Clean water, better lives

When you think about how to build a better world, think about providing clean water to about 663 million people worldwide who don’t have it.
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Why should we care if shore crabs can’t smell?

Greenhouse gases are altering ocean chemistry. The acidification is damaging marine creatures and their ability to avoid predators and find food and mates.
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U.S. police officers help peers fight hate crimes

U.S. police officers are working on curbing hate crimes in their communities and around the world by sharing their experiences with other local forces.
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Ashore and at sea, U.S. Navy trims use of fossil fuels

The U.S. Navy's goal is to get 50 percent of all the fuel it needs for its ships, jets and shore installations from alternative, renewable sources by 2020.