People surrounding sign saying 'Victory in Europe Day' (State Dept.)

Marking the anniversary of Victory in Europe Day [video]

The 75th anniversary of V-E Day recalls the Allies of World War II uniting to achieve victory. Uniting against today's threats is every bit as vital.
Elephant herd at water hole (Shutterstock)

A good day for elephants

Stricter regulations in the U.S. will further curb the sale of ivory in an effort to reduce elephant poaching. Will other countries do the same?
Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman speaking while seated with flags in background (State Dept./Freddie Everett)

U.S. supports ‘dynamic and growing’ Indo-Pacific partners

The United States and Indo-Pacific partners are tackling the world's most pressing problems, from COVID-19 to the climate crisis.
Red apple sign in store window (© AP Images)

Apple turns (Red) for World AIDS Day

Apple Corporation is marking World AIDS Day by giving more than 400 of its stores a makeover in red and raising money to fight AIDS in Africa.
Two men walking toward wreaths of flowers attended by man in uniform (© AP Images)

A message of peace as Obama and Abe honor fallen at...

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe joined President Obama at Pearl Harbor to commemorate the fallen in the war between their countries.
Drawing of newspaper with "DIS" stamped in red in front of word "information"

How to spot disinformation [video]

Disinformation circulates in a variety of ways online and is often difficult to detect. Watch this video to learn more about the history of disinformation, its effects and ways to spot it.
Woman standing with three children (© AP Images)

U.S. nearing goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees

The United States is closing in on its goal of welcoming 10,000 refugees from war-torn Syria by the end of September. President Obama set that target.
Remains of ancient building in desert (U.S. Embassy Astana)

Celebrating Kazakhstan’s rich culture

Learn how U.S. programs help preserve Kazakhstan's culture and how the "Qazaq-pop" band Ninety One teaches some Americans to speak Kazakh.
Screen grab of an online meeting with faces on multiple small screens (State Dept.)

Creating meaningful exchanges with leaders around the world

The State Department's International Visitor Leadership Program is celebrating 80 years of bringing leaders from around the world to the U.S.