Group of people running along road (U.S. Consulate Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Sharing the road, a runner is transformed [video]

Have you ever heard of an ultramarathon? Meet runner Dean Karnazes, who has run in all types of climates and made his way down the Silk Road.
Close-up of virus (© BSIP SA/Alamy)

U.S. epidemic training helps contain Nipah outbreak

Learn how the U.S. works closely with India to help fight epidemic threats, containing a recent outbreak of Nipah, a virus that has no cure or vaccine.

Working together to grow clean energy in India

Clean energy and smart tech will boost India's economy and bring global benefits, so leaders in both the United States and India are making it a priority.
Panda hanging from tree branch (© AP Images)

Bye-bye, Bao Bao [video]

Washington is saying its farewells to Bao Bao, the beloved giant panda that leaves the National Zoo and heads to China on February 21.

Even in oil-rich Texas, ‘solar makes sense’

The iconic oil derricks of the West Texas horizon may soon be overshadowed, as solar panels and wind turbines drive a renewable energy rush.

They’ve met with world leaders. What about you? [video]

You don’t have to be a U.N. delegate to have a global impact. Learn how you can make a difference in your community and the world, no matter your age.

We’re taking action on climate change  —  and the world is...

The U.S. and China, the world’s two largest economies  and biggest greenhouse gas emitters,  surprised the world with their plans to combat climate change.

The U.S. and Israel: 70 years of friendship [video]

With the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel, the United States marks 70 years of a steadfast alliance.
Drivetrain of vehicle powered by alternative fuel (AP Images)

Alternative-fuel vehicles are the heroes of this odyssey…on this day

What could be better than powering your car with the most abundant element on the planet? What if that resource also produced much less...