Global coalition reaffirms strategy to degrade, defeat Daesh

Anti-Daesh global coalition members reaffirmed their international will to defeat the terror group during a recent meeting in Paris.

Flimsy explanations don’t hide the truth about Russia’s attacks in Ukraine

Russia and the separatists it backs continue to obscure their violation of a February 12 cease-fire agreement, says U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power.
Ivanka Trump speaking at lectern (© AP Images)

From Japan to India, Ivanka Trump a voice for empowering women

Ivanka Trump, President Trump's daughter and White House adviser, says changes in workplace culture are vital to women's empowerment and to economic growth.
Large conference room filled with people surrounding circular table (© Reuters/Jim Young)

Learn about NATO in 3 minutes by watching these videos

Leaders of the 28 countries that make up NATO will meet in Brussels on May 25. Learn about the Alliance and how it works.
Meeting with participants showing on two large screens on wall (NATO)

U.S. works with NATO to respond to COVID-19

U.S. and NATO allies are teaming up against COVID-19. See how the defensive alliance is turning military power to civilian assistance.
Hands holding jar with label showing nutrition facts (© Shutterstock)

How the U.S. Food and Drug Administration protects public health

On World Food Safety Day, learn about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which ensures that the products people eat and drink are safe.
Rex Tillerson at lectern (© AP Images)

Tillerson outlines ‘the way forward’ toward stable Syria

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson offers five goals to end the conflict in Syria in a speech at Stanford University in California.
Our Ocean fish infographic of fork, knife and plate depicting the world (State Dept.)

Our ocean feeds the world

Fisheries face challenges that could mean the loss of food and jobs for billions. World leaders will meet at the Our Ocean conference, September 15–16.

Kerry: Daesh is assaulting Iraqi and Syrian heritage

Daesh’s destruction of ancient treasures at Nimrud in Iraq is “an assault on the heritage of the Iraqi and Syrian people by an organization...